‘Ginger’ Review: Brockhampton’s Got Their Groove Back

My editor is a coward and wants me to be topical. Fine. Brockhampton’s new album “Ginger” is better than their last mess, “Iridescence.” “Iridescence” was the first album Brockhampton released after doing some damage control in the wake of Ameer Vann’s domestic abuse allegations. In the buildup to that album, there were a lot of […]

New professor run over by truck on first day

Professor Geoffrey Clarke, a first-year economics lecturer at Brandeis University, sustained multiple injuries in a truck-pedestrian collision on the pedestrian crosswalk of Turner Street and South Street before teaching his first class at Brandeis. As Clarke was walking up South Street to the International Business School on the morning of Aug. 28, a truck pulled […]

Athletics adds two new staff members

To begin the 2019-2020 sports seasons, The Judges are welcoming two exciting additions to the staff down at Gosman. First off, Brandeis shared the long-awaited announcement of the new Director of Athletics last week, as Lauren Haynie looks to begin her work as the university’s 12th leader in this position on September 23, 2019. She […]

Women’s basketball trip showcases culture and competition

The women’s basketball team’s recent trip to Europe is one that the teammates will take with them throughout the rest of their Brandeis careers. Every four years, the team travels to a different part of the world to explore, compete with local teams and provide basketball clinics to local children. This trip took the team […]

Class of 2023 first to undertake new Core requirement

CFirst year students entering Brandeis during this semester will be the first students to fulfill the new university general education requirements, called “The Brandeis Core,” that expand the previous course requirements needed to be completed before graduation. The new requirements, passed unanimously in the spring of 2018 by the Brandeis Board of Trustees, mark the […]

Brandeis 102

Even after weeks or months or years at Brandeis, chances are you will still not have the hang of everything, or just not know about everything that exists. Hopefully the second part of the instruction book will add a little to your pool of knowledge.  Housing  Having a comfortable living environment is crucial to being […]

‘To kill or not to kill, that is the question’

Imagine you are an animal, living in a world that is dominated by humans. Humans control how you live, whether you have access to food, whether you can continue living or simply become meat for humans to eat. If you are the family pet, you are taken care of as if you are a child […]

License to chill: Brandeis students’ special edition

I lived and worked on campus this past summer. I wanted a break after The Semester We Aren’t Going to Talk About, and I wanted to clear my face acne, courtesy of said semester.   But then one day in August, my summer of relaxation went caput. At SciFest. For those who don’t know, SciFest is […]