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Study abroad fair pushes student boundaries

Pushing boundaries, exploring beyond our peripheral vision and snatching an opportunity while it lasts are but a few characteristics that students at Brandeis share. Even with a course catalog that takes hours upon hours to sift through, students want more. To adhere to its students’ greed for knowledge and new experiences, Brandeis has developed partnerships with premier academic institutions around the world to further their studies. From London, Siena, Thailand, Cuba, Mongolia, Prague and more, Brandeis students are leaving their mark and collecting priceless memories along the way.

On Sept. 12, 2019, the Study Abroad Office hosted its largest event of the year: the annual Study Abroad Fair in Levin Ballroom. This event allowed students to interact with representatives and learn about more than 200 programs from 60 countries around the world that are being offered during the semester, summer or year. 

Mr. William Breare-Hall, Student Recruitment and Study Abroad Manager from the London School of Economics (LSE) and Political Science briefly discussed the various opportunities at LSE. “Depending on the specific major/minor requirements decided by Brandeis’ various departments, students have been able to satisfy multiple requirements, and oftentimes even find themselves blending areas of interest through our diverse list of courses,” Breare-Hall said. 

Further elaborating on the breadth of courses offered at LSE, Breare-Hall continued to discuss how students who may be interested in the natural sciences, the social sciences, healthcare policy, international relations and more are all welcome to partake in both graduate and undergraduate level classes offered at LSE in each of the subjects mentioned. 

Assistant Director of Study Abroad Alisha Cardwell briefly spoke about the internal workings of studying abroad. “Our office works with each student to discuss their goals and interests and then continues to work with students through the application process, prior to departing, and then when returning to campus,” she said. The department ensures a smooth application process and helps students make their experiences as fulfilling as possible.

Ruchir Chaturvedi ’20 said that for his recent semester abroad, “I applied through a program to go directly to a university in the United Kingdom, and being on the pre-medical track, I needed to find an option that would satisfy my interests in science and business, leading me to King’s College.”

Chaturvedi elaborated on his experience, “I was looking for a change in pace and really wanted to take advantage of an opportunity like this that I may not get again later on in my life. I was met with a rigorous course-load, but found a balance between studying and enjoying my time in a country I had yet to visit in the past. My time away from Brandeis gave me the sense of independence and self-sufficiency that I was seeking.”

Various tables at the fair, such as those representing the University of Melbourne in Australia, stressed exactly that; being able to find the right fit, where a student can fulfill more than one interest. Similar to LSE, the University of Melbourne is not restricted to a few subjects, but rather offers an extensive list to choose from. Students are expected to make a list of their areas of interest as a precursor to the formal application process, and will receive feedback regarding availability of courses, types of courses and more. 

The Study Abroad Fair is a great way for students to jump-start their futures abroad and learn to take advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime.

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