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In the Senate 10/6

The Senate voted to decharter 23 clubs in their weekly Sunday meeting–after clarifying that all clubs can reapply for chartership to regain their funding at any time. 

The dechartering is a regular practice by the senate for clubs that do not turn in an anti-hazing form at the beginning of the academic year which is required under state law said Club Support Committee Chair Joseph Coles ’22. The form, said Coles, also provides the student union with up to date contact information and helps determine if a club is still active. 

Brandeis Quidditch Club captain Tess Kowalski ’21 presented on behalf of Quidditch, which the senate voted not to decharter. Quidditch failed to fill out a anti-hazing form because of a miscommunication where the form was sent to Kowalski’s spam email box and not the current president’s email.

Kowalski reported that Quidditch has filled out the form, and that the club is both active and strongly against hazing. 

Vice President Guillermo Caballero ’20 reported that the Thanksgiving break shuttle to New York may not be present this year, and promised to provide more details when more information is available. 

The senate also passed an amendment to make senator office hours optional. Senators were required to hold three office hours per week before the amendment, which Rules Committee chair Scott Halper ’20 advocated for, saying office hours go for the most part unattended. Coles argued that the amendment would make the senate appear more accessible to the student body, and emphasized that his office hours are often attended. 

The senate passed a subsequent amendment that decreased the number of unexcused absences from the senate from three to two. Previously, senator could miss up to three senate meetings or three committee meetings, but after the passing of this amendment, they can miss up to two of each. 

Senator for North Quad Krupa Sourirajan ’23 passed a Student Union Money Resolution (SMR) to pay for metal shower hooks and shelves in North quad residence hall bathrooms. The price of the SMR was $492.29 initially, though the senate reserved the right to potentially extend it to $900 to outfit every bathroom.

The senate also voted to change the name of the club Students Ending Alzheimer’s Disease (SEAD) to the Brandeis Youth Movement Against Alzheimer’s (BYMAA).

Director of Outreach Kendall Chapman ’22 encouraged union members to attend Meet the Union, a constituent meet and greet mandatory for all union members on Oct. 16th from 12-3pm. Chapman also informed that senate that Midnight Buffet, a semesterly party before finals week, would be held December 10th from 8pm to 2am.

The 23 clubs dechartered are: Association of Latino Professionals for America-Brandeis, BaRuCH: Brandeis Reform Chavurah, Brandeis Brewing Society, Brandeis Cupcake Obsession, Brandeis Farmer’s Club, Brandeis Film Collective, Brandeis German Club, Brandeis Interfaith Group (BIG), Brandeis Juggling Society (BJS), Brandeis Squash Club, Brandeis Swimming Club, Common Ground, Deis Robotics, J Street U Brandeis, Judges for Israel, Net Impact: Brandeis Undergraduate Chapter, Pokemon Club, Stop Motion Dance Crew, Trading Card Game Club, Women’s Lacrosse, and Work in Progress.

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