Brandeis alumna named Executive Director of Foundation to Combat Anti-Semitism

Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, named Dr. Rachel Fish, Ph.D. ’13 as Executive Director of the Foundation to Combat Anti-Semitism on Oct. 6, according to a JewishTimes article.  The foundation’s purpose is to tackle rising anti-Semitism on social media and online as well as to campaign against prejudice, according to its website. […]

A Union divided

In light of the recent judiciary case against Student Union President Simran Tatuskar ’21, we, The Brandeis Hoot editorial board, would like to encourage the Student Union to focus more on building and improving community instead of focusing energy on interpersonal conflicts within the Union.  We would like to note that this is our tenth […]

Student Union judiciary rules against Union President

The Student Union Judiciary ruled against Union President Simran Tatuskar ’21 in a case brought against her by two members of the Student Union. The ruling stated that she had violated the Union’s Code of Conduct which mandates that members of the Union make “every effort to communicate across branches” and that she overstepped her […]

Univ. staff underappreciated, endowment spending high

A Brandeis survey found that staff members feel underappreciated and overworked on campus, according to a self-study published by the university in September 2018. The study also looked at endowment spending and structural issues.  In the study, Brandeis examined human resources and financial resources as part of the university’s accreditation process through the New England […]

Majority of adult American Jewish pop. found in three states

There are almost 7.5 million Jewish-identifying individuals in the United States, according to a study published by the Steinhardt Social Research Institute in July 2019. The study added that Jewish people are also older and more educated than the average American. The American Jewish Population Project (AJPP) was founded in 2005 and is currently being […]

‘Battle of the Chefs’ brings fall-themed cuisine

It’s like World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fights, but with food. In its annual tradition, Brandeis will be competing in the “Battle of the Chefs,” a Sodexo sponsored event. Brandeis’ Senior Executive Chef Ken Peckham is gearing up for battle.  Rose Forrest, an area executive chef for Northeast universities from Sodexo told The Brandeis Hoot in […]

Women’s tennis competes in NEWITT’s

This weekend, the Brandeis Women’s Tennis team traveled to Northampton, MA to compete in the New England Women’s Intercollegiate Tennis Tournament (NEWITTs). The tournament paired groups of two from each school to play in two singles matches and one doubles.  In the “A Draw” of the tournament, the top players for Brandeis were Diana Dehterevich […]

An ode to mobile games gone by

When we think of mobile games now, we usually regard them as either simple time-killers at best or egregious cash-grabs at worst, and the latter is more likely. It’s just not a respected platform. Many of the worst business practices in the AAA industry are like micro-transactions, which include loot-boxes, originally came from mobile games, […]

Men’s soccer bounces back after draw to CWRU

The Brandeis University men’s soccer team opened up University Athletic Association (UAA) conference play at home against the Case Western Reserve Spartans and Mass Maritime.  The Judges battled to break a tied score in the final 10 minutes of regulation but were unable to get the go ahead goal in overtime, taking the draw. The […]

Post-climate strike, Brandeis prof. says we have more to do on divestment

Student and faculty climate advocates are looking for progress in the university’s Board of Trustees to see their next move in divestment from fossil fuel companies, according to Professor Sabine von Mering (ENVS/GRALL/WMGS).   The university has made attempts to divest from these companies to reduce its carbon footprint and to become a more green environment […]

‘El Camino’ is a diamond in the rough

Good stories end. Bad stories wither away. It seems to be an almost universal experience in entertainment, that the longer a TV show, film, video game, book or comic series lasts the more likely it is to falter, seemingly squandering all the love and time we had invested in it and leaving us with only […]

Request For Proposals committee searches for dining vendor

Sodexo and the university made a “joint decision” to terminate their existing contract, according to Andy Allen, general manager for Sodexo at Brandeis. Now, the Request For Proposals (RFP) committee is asking multiple vendors, including Sodexo, to issue proposals and is gathering input from different community members around campus. These factors will be weighed against […]

J-CASTE recognizes two scholars, journalist

The editors and international advisors to CASTE: A Global Journal on Social Exclusion, or J-CASTE, Brandeis’ journal that assesses “systems in South Asia and beyond and considers the marginalization and inter-generational oppression of religious, racial and cultural minorities throughout the world,” according to its website, recognized three people for their work researching caste systems on […]

Diamond’s hopes for inclusivity in Waltham schools

Marisa Diamond’s deep connection to Brandeis came before she was born, through her mother Marci Diamond ’91, who was a varsity track and field athlete, a Justice Brandeis Scholar and Waltham Group Coordinator. Marci Diamond currently serves as an Advisory Board member of the Waltham Alliance to Create Housing (WATCH) Housing Advocacy Clinic and has […]

Brandeis men’s teams spend $11,000 more on recruitment than women’s

Brandeis men’s sports teams spend over $11,000 more than women’s sports teams in recruiting new athletes, despite an almost equal number of male and female student athletes, according to an annual Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act (EADA) released to the Brandeis community on Tuesday. The annual report overviews the differences in men’s and women’s Division […]

Alex Cameron’s ‘Miami Memory’ bursts

The first time I ever told a girl I loved her was completely impromptu. I didn’t go into that moment with any intention of doing that; the moment and those feelings forced the words out of my mouth. That eruptive passion is what the new Alex Cameron album feels like. Cameron is an Aussie singer-songwriter […]

It’s tomb for ‘It’s Time’

I’ve been singing “Baby Shark” in my head every few weeks for the past year, waiting for “Lil Oscar” and “Grouchy Mane” to return to the Brandeis campus. And exactly one year after “It’s Time,” the dynamic duo reappeared. Just as cryptic as in 2018, organizers Perry Letourneau ’20 and Dane Leoniak ’20 created a […]

Boston’s ‘Rosencrantz and Guildenstern,’ emerges a tragicomic masterpiece

Last Wednesday, I had the distinct pleasure of seeing a wonderful performance of Tom Stoppard’s tragic comedy “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead” at the Huntington Theatre Company in Boston. Going into the show, I had very little knowledge about the show (which originally premiered in 1966), save for the fact that it was “Hamlet” from […]

Should ‘Twin Peaks’ return (again)?

“Someone we know who is ‘in the know’ just let something very interesting slip about the future of TWIN PEAKS—If it’s true, we’ll be squealing and giddy in 2020!” tweeted the Hollywood Horror Museum on Sept. 27. With Jennifer Lynch, daughter of “Twin Peaks” co-creator David Lynch, on the museum’s board, rumors of a possible […]

Of the Rachels, by a Rachel and for the Rachels

In a 2012 video titled “Sh*t Brandeis Students Don’t Say,” and its sequel “Sh*t Brandeis Students Don’t Say Part 2,” students act out situations and conversations that they suggest are antithetical to Brandeis culture. The first video has accumulated 81,843 views, and the sequel has accumulated 37,360 views. One of the conversations depicted in the […]