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In the Senate 10/27

Former Vice President Guillermo Caballero ’20 began the senate meeting by announcing his resignation. 

“I gave a lot of thought on whether I wanted to continue working for the Union to build the body I envisioned. However, my work has been hindered by several obstacles but especially by being under the supervision of people that do not share the same values and visions as I do. Therefore, unfortunately, I have decided to resign from the office of the vice presidency effective Oct. 29 at 4 p.m,” said Caballero in his announcement.

Caballero said that Executive Senator Jake Rong ’21 would serve as interim vice president, and the group then voted Senator-at-Large Nancy Zhai ’22 to be interim executive senator. 

Rachel Sterling then read the judiciary’s proposal of sanctions against President Simran Tatuskar. She said that the judiciary “condemns” Tatuskar’s actions and demand that she issue apologies. The senate voted at the end of the meeting that Tatuskar should issue a public apology. Two senators abstained, and Senator Josh Hoffman ’21 voted against the proposal.

Senator Joseph Coles ’22 said that most of the secured clubs have advisors, except for the Justice and BTV. He said that he is going to consult the judiciary about the next steps in enforcing the club advisor policy. Coles also asked for support on his new proposal that would allow presidential and vice presidential candidates to run on the same ticket in an election. He needed nine senators support for the proposal to be voted on by the student body and seven senators immediately said that they would support the proposal. He later told The Brandeis Hoot that he is going to present the proposal later in the year.

Joshua Feld ’22 was appointed as dining committee co-chair and confirmed by Caballero. Kruti Jethwa ’22 was appointed to the position of director of community involvement and confirmed by acclamation. 

Sustainability Committee Chair Oliver Price ’20 said that the committee has confirmed a “meatless Monday” event and that the committee’s work has recently been “redundant” because of the amount of work that Mary Fischer and the Brandeis Sustainability Ambassadors do.

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