Panelists look at the history of Brexit

Brexit is part of a history of tensions between the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom (U.K.), according to panelists who spoke as the second part of a panel series hosted by the Brandeis Center for German and European Studies (CGES) and the Department of Politics.  This event’s panelists included Professor Graham Wilson from […]

Rally gathers for advocacy of menstrual equity

Oct. 19 was the first ever National Period Day in history. The global nonprofit PERIOD created it this year, and it was celebrated with over 60 rallies in the U.S. and three other countries. In Massachusetts, this rally took place at Boston City Hall Plaza.  Linzy Rosen ’22 was the lead rally organizer and had […]

Sleep Week aims to reduce stress and help with sleep

As college students, there is nothing we value more than our sleep. Trying to juggle academics, extracurriculars and managing a social life can be super stressful, oftentimes leading to a lack of sleep.  As part of an initiative with the Health and Wellness Promotion (HAWP) and 14 other groups on campus, the Wellness Programmers, a […]

‘The Politician’ is the worst show you might fall in love with

You sit down to watch the season one finale of Netflix’s “The Politician.” Immediately, you’re staring face to face, eye to eye, with Ben Platt as he launches into a truly gorgeous rendition of “Vienna” by Billy Joel. The camera pulls out and you’re in a hazy, lower-Manhattan speakeasy in which every member of the […]

Brandeis students should have more fun

College is a time to have fun and experiment with new things. It is often the first time that people have a significant amount of freedom in their lives and are able to explore a number of different activities. However, college also comes with a number of academic pressures. All the obligations of classes, papers, […]

Athlete’s foot for everyone

Back in high school, I was nowhere close to being an athlete or somebody who exercised much. Personally, I identified more with the term “couch potato.” Surprisingly, however, a lot of my friends were on track, did wrestling or were workout warriors. I distinctly remember being at the beach with my friends, and being horrified […]

Brandeis Prof. Anita Hill talks Trump, Biden on CNN Citizen

Brandeis Professor Anita Hill (HS) criticized President Donald Trump for comparing the House of Representatives impeachment inquiry to a lynching in a tweet on Oct. 22. Hill called the comparison “ludicrous” and “a divisive tactic” in a CNN forum on Oct. 24. “The idea that this person with this kind of power and authority could […]

Student Union Vice President resigns

Student Union Vice President Guillermo Caballero ’20 resigned on Sunday during the Student Union Senate meeting. His resignation was effective as of Tuesday Oct. 29 at 4 p.m. Executive Senator Jake Rong ’21 has taken over as interim vice president and at the Senate meeting, Senator-at-Large Nancy Zhai ’22 was voted to be interim executive […]

A little more consideration?

If you are in almost any club at Brandeis, you have probably organized, or at least helped with organizing an event. So most people are aware of how much work goes into planning and executing one. However, I feel like most people forget about that when attending others’ events. I’m sure that most people would […]

Women’s soccer continues to find success

The Brandeis women’s soccer team traveled to Mansfield, CT, where they shut out host Eastern Connecticut State University (ECSU) 2-0. With two goals—one early and one late—the Judges reached their 10-win plateau for the eighth season in a row. This non-conference matchup improves Brandeis to 10-5-0, while the ECSU Warriors fall to 5-11 on their […]