To all staff, thank you

As Kindness Day celebrated its 10th anniversary yesterday, we, the Editorial Board of The Brandeis Hoot, would like to highlight all the staff members on campus and emphasize our  appreciation of everything they do to ensure that our campus is running smoothly year-round.  Staff members are those working on campus who are not considered faculty […]

Climate survey illustrates rape, assault and harassment experiences at Brandeis

Brandeis released the results of its second ever campus climate survey on Thursday, which described respondents’ experiences with rape, sexual assault, harassment, intervention in those situations and reporting.  The survey asked 1,148 students—or about 22 percent of the student body—about their experiences with harassment, sexual misconduct, knowledge of how to report harassment or assault, sense […]

Chapman elected, speaks at ‘debate’

The single vice presidential candidate running in Thursday’s special election, Kendal Chapman ’22, was elected last night by a vote of 120 in favor to 36 votes of no confidence. Seventy students wrote in other candidates and 10 abstained in the vote.  Chapman answered questions from both The Brandeis Hoot and the Justice on Tuesday […]

BCC working to address increased student need

The Brandeis Counseling Center (BCC) has seen an increased demand in students seeking help, especially for anxiety and depression, The Brandeis Hoot reported last week. To address this increased demand, the BCC will hire a new full-time therapist along with maintaining current therapy programs, according to the Director of the BCC Joy von Steiger.   The […]

Men’s soccer finishes the 2019 season with a win on Senior Day

This weekend, the men’s soccer team closed out their 2019 season with a 2-0 win on Senior Day over conference rival New York University (NYU). With this win, Brandeis finishes its season with a record of 10-5-4. In the University Athletic Association (UAA), the men’s team finished 3-3-1 overall.  At the beginning of the match, […]

Portland Trail Blazers struggle in early season

Damian Lillard has been one of the best and most consistent point guards since he entered the league in 2012. His quickness and three point shooting has allowed him to thrive in an era of NBA that preaches the “pace and space” offensive philosophy. Although his career in Portland has manifested in just one trip […]

Volleyball wraps up season with a record of 4-23

Last weekend, the Brandeis volleyball team flew to Chicago and took on three highly ranked teams in the University Athletic Association (UAA) Championships. The first game was on Friday, versus the Emory University Eagles. Missing several of their usual starters due to injuries, the Judges struggled. The first set began with a kill by Belle […]

Brandeis’ Hackathon draws national hackers

After months of planning and organizing by seven students, about 170 hackers, both new and experienced, gathered in the Shapiro Science Center on Saturday and Sunday to participate in the sixth year of Codestellation, Brandeis’ annual hackathon. Registrants included hackers from Johns Hopkins and the University of Southern California, according to Lead Organizer Mitchell Dodell […]

Kindness Week brings Brandeis faculty and students together

This year, Nov. 10 to 15 marks Kindness Week, a week in which students and faculty come together to celebrate being kind to one another and spreading positivity. Kindness Week was created 10 years ago when students and faculty collaborated in order to create a week that celebrates kindness on campus. According to its coordinators, […]

‘Feet of Clay’ gave me a foot fetish

In the biblical Book of Daniel, the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar dreams of a giant statue with a head of gold, silver chest and arms, bronze stomach and thighs, calves of iron and feet of iron and baked clay. When a stone strikes the statue, the sculpture, in all its greatness, collapses. The prophet Daniel, speaking […]

‘The Lightning Thief’ musical is meant for passionate fans

“The Lightning Thief” musical is a clear passion project for diehard fans of Rick Riordan’s best selling “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” series. As I am one of these diehard fans, I absolutely adored the show. With a cast of just seven people, the cast takes on the responsibility of portraying many characters as well […]

In the Senate: 11/10

Senator Skye Liu ’23 is trying to make Lunar New Year more recognized on campus and because it is “the most important holiday for Chinese students,” so Liu and Senator Janice Huang ’23, are looking into enabling the Chinese population to celebrate the Lunar New Year and have assignment extensions for next year.  Senator Scott […]

Oy Gevalt! ‘Oy’ is aggressively Jewish in the best way

“Oy!” is aggressively Jewish and an absolute joy to watch.  The Brandeis Undergraduate Theater Collective (UTC) put on a delightful performance of “Oy!” this past weekend, and those who didn’t get to see it are truly missing out. The cast was committed to putting on this comedic production and executed each scene so well. “Oy!” […]

Rose-colored vision

Last spring semester, I remember getting a call from my mom one day who told me that I should not come home because my dad had pink eye. Pink eye, formally known as conjunctivitis, is an inflammation of tissue in the eye, causing redness and swelling. Since I am the best son in the world, […]

Riverdale tried but failed

“Riverdale” has always been an unexplainable phenomenon to me. I watched the first two seasons, then decided it was getting too absurd and stopped. Earlier this year, “Riverdale” started its fourth season. According to a previous Hoot article, the first episode honored the death of Luke Perry, one of the actors, and apparently, it was […]

Student Union president apologizes

Student Union President Simran Tatuskar ’21 issued a mandated apology to the student body on Friday with the subject line “Update.” The Senate voted that Tatuskar issued the apology after a judiciary case found her guilty of ineffectively communicating and unconstitutionally deciding the role of the executive senator, according to the judiciary’s formal opinion.  “Hey […]

‘Of a Mirror and Its Fragments:’ a reflection on grief and loss

On Friday, Nov. 8, the first performance ever of “Of a Mirror and Its Fragments” premiered in the Merrick Theater. Written by Brandeis’ own Olivia Ellson ’21, the thirty-minute show is an adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tale “The Snow Queen.” Ellson’s adaptation does more than simply adapt the old story into a modern […]

Women’s soccer defeats NYU in last game of season

The Brandeis women’s soccer team topped off their Senior Day celebration with a victory over its rival New York University (NYU), 1-0.  Prior to the game, the Judges honored seven seniors for their incredible success on and off the field: Sierra Dana ’20, Katie Hayes ’20, Amanda Fernbach ’20, Kerin Miller ’20, Zoe Ballas ’20, […]

Men’s and women’s swimming split on the weekend

The men’s and women’s swimming teams travelled to Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) this past weekend, both splitting on the weekend. The men’s team competed against Babson College and WPI, while the women competed against Babson College, Simmons University, Smith College and WPI. Men’s Swimming Brendon Lu ’22 was the sole triple winner for the Judges […]

Univ. working to fundraise, increase donor pool

Senior Vice President of Institutional Advancement Zamira Korff is leading a new campaign for university fundraising to foster new generations of support for Brandeis’ budget. In the most recent faculty senate meeting on Nov. 1, Korff proposed that the university switch its targeted audience to alumni, international relations—potential donors from abroad—and the next generation rather […]