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In the Senate 2/2

Three candidates ran for Senate representative to the Allocations Board (A-Board), with newly-elected Racial Minority Senator Jasmyne Jean-Remy ’22 winning the spot.

The Senate voted to clarify the quorum. “For the purposes of the Senate, quorum will be defined as more than 50% of the voting body present,” reads the amendment. “If there are less than 18 seats currently held, the quorum will be defined as 10 Senators of the voting body present.”

Senator Joseph Coles ’22 said he didn’t think that the amendment was necessary because it would mean that the Union would not have the ability to do business. The amendment passed.

Chief of Staff Zac Wilkes ’20 spoke about the creation of a new Student Union newsletter.

The Senate Dining Committee will be working on a survey on Stein Dining Menu and release the Sodexo survey results soon, according to Senator-at-Large Nancy Zhai ’22. Zhai released the results on Facebook on Feb. 3.

Coles introduced a club amendment that would restructure the Student Union club bylaws. The changes include a revision to Section 3 that now states that a request must be made for a club to be chartered. Section 4 was revised to say to remove the term “exclusionary club” so that audition-based clubs can get funding on campus.

A revision to Section 7 proposes that a “failure to submit the document shall result in de-chartering pursuant to a simple majority vote of the Senate and/or the inability to use University facilities and Union Resources.” It also says that clubs shall update their Presence pages with the most recent Senate-approved version of their constitution and their rosters.

Another proposal for the amendment would include requiring club officers to attend Bystander Training, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training, Budgeting Training, Recruitment Training and Event Planning and General Student Activity Training. A revision to Section 14 would require clubs to have 10 active members to remain chartered.

Senator for North Quad Krupa Sourirajan ’23 is having a meeting next week with Assistant Dean of Students Stephanie Grimes to discuss Dharmic Prayer Room improvements. Sourirajan also said she is working to get a ping pong table in North Quad, and will be meeting with the Department of Community Living to discuss maintaining Polaris Lounge. 

The Senate’s weekly meeting was held immediately after their retreat on Sunday.

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