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In the Senate 3/1

An Asian American and Pacific Islander minor is coming to Brandeis, according to Director of Academic Affairs Jacob Diaz ’20.

The Club Support Committee voted to give the club “Period” another probationary period. They will still have meetings and funding but are not a fully established club, according to Senator Joseph Coles ’22.

Co-Chair for Allocations Board Marshall Smith ’21 said that the board is preparing for their marathon period. He said that there is a smaller budget this year than previous years. 

The SipChip initiative launched on Wednesday, according to Vice President Kendal Chapman ’21. 

An SMR to buy a poster and postcards for an International Women’s Day tabling event was proposed by Social Justice and Diversity Committee Chair Priyata Bhatta ’22. The Senate voted to suspend the rules and the SMR passed.

The facilities department doesn’t know about the Plan B machine, so the Division of Student Affairs needs to tell them about it, said Senator Leah Fernandez ’22. The Health and Safety committee also has a meeting with Vice President for Campus Operations Lois Stanley to work on restocking the Plan B machines. Alcohol consumption posters will go up soon. The committee is also working on bylaws to ensure that club members stay safe while traveling.

A Lyft subsidy that would provide a 50 percent discount off rides to and from Brandeis twice a month is going to be released soon. The discount would apply from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. during weekends with a maximum discount of $10.

Chapman talked to a staff member in the Hiatt Career Center about connecting students to relevant alumni more effectively. The administration is looking to get a new alumni connection platform so that undergraduates who seek such help will be able to get it. Hiatt doesn’t know if it will be structured by career path or by major, according to Chapman. 

Senator Oliver Price ’20 proposed an act to allow wages to be paid from the Brandeis Sustainability Fund (BSF) to provide financial support for undergraduate students who would like to be a part of projects to improve Brandeis’s environmental sustainability. The act passed. The Brandeis Sustainability Committee (Sensus) is going to put out compost bins in the Fosters Mods.

Coles proposed an amendment that would allow clubs who exclude people through audition, such as a cappella clubs, to still be chartered and receive funding. They reached out to Coles to say that they don’t get money from the Allocations Board so they’re operating at a loss. The funding would only apply to on-campus venues, according to Coles.

Fernandez and Secretary Taylor Fu ’21 measured around East Quad for the East Quad beautification project and all of their ideas were approved, according to Fernandez.

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