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In the Senate, Oct. 11

The Brandeis Student Union sent an email to the student body on Oct. 12 about special elections to fill out the remaining open seats, according to senators on Oct. 11 at the Student Union’s second meeting this year.

In total, the open positions consisted of eleven senators, one representative, and two allocations board representatives. As the campaign starts on Thursday, the voting will begin on Oct. 21.  

The meeting discussed how the Student Union would participate in the upcoming Kindness Day. Kindness Day is a Brandeis event that aims to encourage community members to contribute small acts of kindness, such as writing letters to friends’ mailboxes and giving thank-you cards to dining hall workers. Vice President Krupa Sourirajan ’23 suggested ordering 400 to 500 Insomnia Cookies as the Union’s contribution. Students would donate to local charities in exchange for the cookies. Because of COVID-19, clubs are not allowed to collect donations through cash or credit cards. The Student Union is still looking for solutions to collect money. 

The Student Union also considered potential adaptations to another Brandeis tradition, Midnight Buffet. The event will happen on the last day of school of the Fall semester. Although this year’s Midnight Buffet will not be as active as previous years with vendors and in-person activities, the senate decided to distribute goods as alternatives. Sourirajan proposed to distribute color masks with the Brandeis logo for on-campus and potentially off-campus students. The budget would be four dollars per piece with around 1500 to 3000 masks. 

In the meeting, the senators also went over agendas such as providing shuttles to Voting Polls on Election Day, continuing a Lyft subsidy, hosting a Pumpkin Festival and a We Wear Blue event.

The Union approved Jeremiah Lemelson ’23 as Director of Academic Affairs. He is currently working on meeting with the curriculum committee, associate deans and Undergraduate Department Representatives (UDRs).

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