Four horror games, new and old, to terrify your Halloween

I don’t think most of us will be dressing up and going outside this Halloween given the unfortunate state of the world as of late. There’s one thing we can do: scare ourselves from the comfort of our homes. And there’s no better way to do it than by playing a horror game (scary movies […]

The pleasures of internet horror

Amateur horror writing is a dynamic yet perennial feature of online culture. Many of us grew up reading creepypastas about characters like the Slenderman and Jeff the Killer. Maybe you even tried to convince your friends that they were real. You may look back upon these stories as poorly written attempts at emulating “real” horror […]

‘The Trial of the Chicago 7:’ how to make history worthless

In 1968, ten thousand demonstrators gathered in Chicago during the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in order to protest the Vietnam War. This counterculture gathering eventually culminated in the police and National Guard attacking the crowds with tear gas and batons. Charges were filed by the Justice Department against the organizers of the protests, including Tom […]

‘The Mortuary Collection’ is a hidden gem of horror

Anthology films are a massively important part of horror cinema, but the genre is often ignored or written off as a silly trend of the ’70s that went on too long. Much of this aversion stems from the legitimate observation that most anthology films are trashy and gross or low brow and overly silly. Even […]

‘Yes, God, Yes’ is less than satisfying

“Yes, God, Yes” as a premise sounds interesting: a story of a young Catholic teenage girl who is only just coming to terms with her own sexual desires. Labeled as a dark comedy, the reasonable expectation would probably be jokes abound, probably something with a bit of feel-good moments. But in reality, “Yes, God, Yes,” […]

Student art showcase: 10/30

The following images are concept art for “I Love a Spookulele,” an animated film
. They are all by Emily Riordan ’21.

Overlooked sculptures: ‘Fall,’ the Village stalker

Midyears and upperclassmen alike speak of a shadow that wanders the dark places of south campus. Silent and still, the revenant takes man-shape to stalk unwary students that amble too far beyond the safe perimeter of the dorms. Thankfully, the apparition is nothing more than an unnervingly lifelike statue of a man nestled among the […]