Brandeis swimming seals several victories

The Brandeis swimming and diving team went head to head against Gordon College on Friday, Jan. 21. While the women’s team won with a scoreline of 162-72, the men’s team won 139-40, both teams more than doubling the points scored by the opposing roster. Chloe Gonzalez ’25 secured three victories throughout the duration of the […]

‘Yellowjackets’ packs an enjoyably painful sting

I don’t even know where to begin describing the complex masterpiece that is “Yellowjackets.” I could say that it’s one of the purest depictions of female adolescence that I’ve ever seen; I could say that it was so terrifying that I didn’t sleep for three nights. Well-written, with layers upon layers of mystery, “Yellowjackets” packs […]

Brandeis catering team speak out about job insecurity

Once the pandemic hit, Brandeis University’s catering team was deemed essential. While most students, faculty and workers headed home in mid-March 2020, three catering supervisors, Kevintz Merisier, Seda Garzaryan and Hugo Mansilla, were asked to produce and deliver food to hospitals as part of the Sodexo Business for three months.    Then it was a […]

Rabbi Seth Winberg discusses Holocaust Remembrance Day

Jan. 27 is designated by the United Nations (UN) as International Holocaust Remembrance Day. The day is meant to honor the lives taken by the Nazi regime between 1941 and 1945 when they committed genocide against 6 million European Jews and other demographics.  “We cannot expect to make sense of such horror, but we can […]

A love letter to the Brandeis Library staircase

Many a friend is formed at Brandeis over a shared dislike for the numerous staircases on Brandeis University campus; however, one staircase is not like the rest of its brethren. Enter the Brandeis Library, take a right, and you will find yourself face-to-face with one of my favorite spots on campus: the Brandeis Library staircase. […]