‘Cyrano’ (2021) is an old story told well

“Cyrano” (2021) is the newest musical iteration of the life of Cyrano de Bergerac. This simple story told so many times before, has been minorly reimagined, placed on top of a wonderful score and put in the hands of a fantastic cast to create a very watchable albeit imperfect movie.    Whether you know it […]

Easing of COVID-19 policies is premature

On Thursday, March 3 all Brandeis students received an email update explaining upcoming relaxations of the COVID-19 policies on campus. This relaxation of policies comes with excitement, of course, it feels as though the world may be going back to some sort of normal for the first time in nearly two years. But, this change […]

The Brandeis Marriage Pact lets science solve love

Though cuffing season is over, the prospect of love is still a popular topic at Brandeis. Brandeis Confessions is filled with posts of pining people giving an anonymous whine about their crush. Bumble stickers and flyers litter this campus telling you to “make a buzz!” Now, the Brandeis Entrepreneurship and Tech Association (BETA) is bringing […]

Cop Mayor Eric Adams: Misunderstood or part of the problem?

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, although just having come into office in January of 2022, has already come under fire in particularly progressive circles as a response to his policing background and “fascist” rhetoric. There is widespread criticism of Mayor Adams as being too pro-police and ignorant of the issues affecting minorities living in […]

It’s a long road. Enjoy it.

The three most common words on any college campus: “what’s your major?” It’s a question that everyone that’s ever gone through an undergraduate education has had to answer countless times. Some folks will have a solid answer, and some have even planned out the rest of their college careers course by course. It’s amazing to […]

‘Proud Family: Louder and Prouder:’ a revival to be Proud of

Disney’s “Proud Family: Louder and Prouder” is a surprisingly successful revival of the early 2000s show “The Proud Family.” Interestingly, the show is not a sequel or reboot but seems to be a true revival or continuation of the original. As a result, some of the cultural elements can seem a bit weird, considering the […]

The great French demographic mystery

France in 1800 was a power that still could rule the world. Though Britain since 1763 had usurped the preeminent position of France among the great powers, the Treaty of Paris did not remove the foundations of French power. Only after a titanic half-century struggle could the Pax Britannica be allowed to emerge, during which […]

Bucket List—a short story

Wendy and Leo had made the first version of their bucket list at the age of 10. They had read about it in a book, and eager to grow a bit closer to the characters they admired, the two had met up after school and eagerly scribbled down their deepest wishes.   As the two […]

Why NexDine is our best option

There are few things that Brandeis students love more than a good old fashioned peer-to-peer competition. Our recent Jeopardy run, for one. The existence of our debate team, ironically named BADASS, for another. Our latest, most popular peer-to-peer competition? The dining presentations. It is not often that we have the chance to influence the outcome […]

Dining services presentations attempt to wow, but ethical issues loom

Sodexo provided free boba tea. Nexdine distributed gift bags and boxes of food. AVI flew out an entire culinary team from Ohio. This week, five corporations held their presentations to take over Brandeis Dining Services when Sodexo’s contract expires at the end of this semester (Sodexo was one of them, it is bidding to renew […]