Landstuhl, Germany, to Valencia, Spain

Being abroad means being versatile at every hour of the day, and these past two weeks have taught me just that. On the weekend of Feb. 19, I traveled to the small town of Landstuhl, Germany, to meet up with some Brandeis friends (shoutout to Joey the Jeopardy god, Julia and Noam)! This is where […]

The toxic newsroom

The newsroom is changing, but it is still extremely toxic. As I am writing this, I am feeling every bit of the pain to be an Asian minority, an international student and a woman in a predominantly white male industry. I feel angry but mostly helpless because how slow the world is changing, how I […]

Breakfast is the worst meal of the day

I have always wondered: If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, why does no one eat it? It’s because breakfast actually sucks. Someone recently told me that they had an opposing opinion, as they believed that breakfast is the best meal of the day. It’s safe to say I am no longer […]

Senate log 2/27

Ashna Kelkar ’24 was appointed as the new executive senator of the Student Union, replacing Joseph Coles ’22 who held the title last semester. The senate also welcomed the new North Quad senator, James Brosgol ’25, and the new mid-year senator, Sherry Tao ’25. Both senators spoke on how they are interested in discussing sustainability-related […]

‘My Mechanical Sketchbook’ opens at the Rose Art Museum

The Virtual Opening Celebration for the Rose Art Museum’s new exhibition “My Mechanical Sketchbook” took place over Zoom on Feb. 16. Selections from the work of American artist Barkley L. Hendricks were curated by Dr. Gannet Ankori, Henry and Lois Foster Director and Chief Rose Art Museum Director, and Dr. Elyan J. Hill, Guest Curator […]

Joey Kornman ’23 in Jeopardy! semifinals

According to a BrandeisNOW article, Joey Kornman ’23, a Brandeis student, was selected as one of 36 other college students that would compete in the Jeopardy! National College Championship. The article states that Kornman is a double major in classical studies and economics with minors in politics and history of ideas. Kornman stated that he […]

University updates COVID-19 policies: easing up on mask restrictions

The university has begun to lift some of its COVID-19 restrictions on campus; as of Feb. 18, community members actively participating in physical activity no longer are required to be masked.    “As of February 18, 2022, all actively exercising individuals, including practicing and competing student-athletes, are permitted to remove their masks during activity. Indoor […]

Student research project merges 3D scanning with archaeological investigations

A recent BrandeisNow article described the work of Alex Bazarsky ’23 and Professor Charles Golden (ANTH) in revealing the archaeological discoveries of the ancient Mayan civilization. Golden and Bazarsky employed drones to 3D scan a 20-mile sector of the Mayan civilization in Mexico. The 3D scanning technology allowed the team to make progress remotely during […]

GSC Pride Reps: a new support system for LGBTQ students at Brandeis

For many students, finding their community is the scariest and hardest thing to do when transitioning to college. For queer and questioning students, this search can feel even more daunting. Since its beginning, the Brandeis Gender and Sexuality Center (GSC) has provided a comforting space for students—regardless of their gender identity and sexual orientation—to feel […]

Univ. president calls for peace between Ukraine and Russia

On Feb. 24, Russian troops invaded Ukraine under the orders of Russian President Vladamir Putin in an attempt to redraw the borders of the Soviet Union nearly 30 years after its collapse, according to a Washington Street Journal article. University President Ron Liebowitz wrote in support of peace between Russia and Ukraine in an address […]

Euphoria? I’m EuFORIT

Part I – Before the Episode “You know that show with Zendaya and high school where everyone dresses edgy and there’s all the penises you could see?” “Do you mean Euphoria?” “Yeah.”   I haven’t seen the show, but if I had to describe it to someone based on what I’ve seen of it, I’d […]

The Colorado Avalanche’s Road to the 2022 Stanley Cup

When you think of excellence in hockey you probably think of Wayne Gretzky, Sidney Crosby or Alex Ovechkin or maybe even Connor McDavid. Gretzky and McDavid: heroes of the Edmonton Oilers. Ovechkin: the star of the Washington Capitals. Crosby: the Pittsburgh Penguins golden boy. They are what makes their teams “great” in the general sense. […]

BookTok worth it or not: ‘The Night Circus’

Since Caroline asked for this, I’m back reviewing another book from BookTok. Here’s my spiel: I watch TikToks and put the book recs on my “To Be Read” list, and I review whether it deserves the hype or not. This week’s review will be Erin Morgenstern’s book “The Night Circus.”  I really enjoyed this book. […]

‘Elden Ring’ first impressions: the best game I’ve ever played!

After years of desperate waiting, “Elden Ring,” the spiritual successor to the “Dark Souls” series, is finally out. I already have 50 hours of play time on my belt, but I’m still nowhere close to finishing the singleplayer. Even so, I’m tempted to say that this is the best game I’ve ever played. It has […]

The frivolous follies of ‘The Cuphead Show!’

I can say, with absolute certainty, that there is no currently popular IP that more readily lends itself to an animated adaptation than “Cuphead.” For the uninitiated, “Cuphead” is a run and gun video game from 2017, designed and hand animated in the style of 1920s and ’30s rubber hose cartoons (think Steamboat Mickey and […]

Watching season three of ‘Too Hot To Handle’ made me lose brain cells

Reality dating shows have been evolving over the years, but the essence of all of them is attractive, narcissistic people falling for other attractive, narcissistic people. Nevertheless, they remain popular and people become entranced by these shows. Netflix’s “Too Hot To Handle” has put a twist on the genre. They have to make a connection […]

Brandeis students organize ‘Rally to Defend Dining Workers’

On Friday, Feb. 18, dozens of Brandeis students joined dining workers in a protest for the dining workers’ union rights. The protest, organized by the Brandeis Leftist Union (BLU), was held with three demands regarding the treatment of union workers.  “We will not stand for this. Labor issues are student issues, and it is our […]

Univ. dining contract with Sodexo up, begins selection process for new vendor

The university’s dining contract with Sodexo, a food and facilities management company, is set to expire in July 2022 and has begun the selection process for a new vendor. The contract with Sodexo was set to end in 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the contract was extended an additional two years, according to […]