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Nine dance groups perform in Kaos Kids dance show

On April 14, in Levin Ballroom the university held its Spring 2022 semester show for Kaos Kids, a “secular, hip-hop open dance team that performs all over campus and at other universities,” as described on the show’s pamphlet.The show featured nine dance groups and many community members and outside visitors were in attendance for the performance.

“Organized Kaos” opened and closed with dances from Kaos. Audience members began watching dances from famous early 2000s tunes including songs from the show “Spongebob Squarepants,” the “Little Einsteins” theme song and other throwbacks. The group left the show after a “groovy Spring 2022 Summer Mix featuring smooth cha chas, hard hits and fun vibes.”

Cierra Boutin ’24 congratulated and expressed gratitude to the five seniors in the group for the energy they bring and for their friendship, after the performance. The Kaos seniors performed a compilation of their favorite dances over the last four years, celebrating and commemorating their time in the group. 

The semester show showcased four Brandeis affiliated dance groups, in addition to Kaos Kids. Adagio Dance Company– a group featuring all levels of dancers and various styles– performed a number choreographed by Camila Cano ’23 following a performance by Chak De, Brandeis’s premiere South Asian fusion dance team, according to their Instagram page

“Hooked on Tap” was also featured at the event, the only tap company on campus. Brandeis’s Afro-Caribbean dance group, Rebelle’s, performance completed the lineup for Brandeis dance groups during the show. 

Kaos Kids welcomed four groups from three universities in the Greater Boston Area: Lasell University, University of Massachusetts (UMASS) Lowell and Northeastern University. 

Lesell University Pulse Dance Team—a student-run dance team at Lessel—performed as the first guest group of the evening. 

Lowell’s Mill Advised, a dance group with the overarching goal of centralizing Lowell’s dance community, returned once again to perform at Organized Kaos. From the same city, the UMASS Lowell ProtoHype Dance Crew shared their Spring 2022 Semester set with the crowd, which draws inspiration from “the idyllic nuclear family going on vacation,” according to the description in the pamphlet. 

The last guest dance crew was Northeastern University’s Revolve, a competitive hip-hop dance team at Northeastern, as described by their Facebook page

Kaos Kids holds auditions each semester looking to grow its group of “talented and energetic” dancers, as described in the show’s pamphlet. Kaos holds open dance classes for the Brandeis community to teach and spread the “freedom of dance.”

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