To acquire wisdom, one must observe

Where I’m From

I am from many countless early mornings and late nights

Waking up every day to be better than who I was yesterday 

Working every day, to put myself in a position to be successful and succeed

Working everyday just to be better


I am my parents’ greatest accomplishment

Who would have thought their union would have made their blood run through the body of a Queen? 

Who would have thought their byproduct would be a young Queen? 

Who would have thought they would create such a Powerful and Beautiful being?


I am from Ghana and Nigeria, the land of the original creators and inhibitors of the earth

I am from a land filled with beautiful brown bodies, a culture so rich

If culture was currency I would need no money to survive

I am from a place where my people take care of each other, even at the cost of our own lives

I am from royalty

I have enough power in my veins to make the earth shake and bow before me


I am also from the South Bronx and here’s a few things I can tell you

In my Bronx we can not see the stars at night

To remind us of how far we can go and what we can achieve

In my Bronx most people are bunched up in 5×5 containers 

Oops! I really meant apartments

In my Bronx living in a roach and rodent infested home is a norm


Let me tilt your head the other way 

In my Bronx you can travel to the other side of the world without having a passport

All you have to do is knock on your neighbor’s door and say “Hello”

But be careful this is still New York. 

In my Bronx people move their tongues in so many different ways 

You would think we have three tongues

In my Bronx people Hustle like they know they’re dying tomorrow

Hard work is a must and we value life like it is a Treasure


I am from hard work and many prayers

I bent my knees many nights and kneeled over my bed 

And prayed for everything I have now 

And to be everything I am now

I am from the hardest parts of my childhood 

And the most beautiful parts of my surroundings

I ultimately and favorably and from me. 

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