Student Union partners with Capsule

The Student Union held its Capsule Kickoff on Oct. 13 to connect students with a free prescription delivery service, according to a post on their Instagram page. CapsuleCare is a “smarter, simpler, kinder pharmacy,” according to their webpage.  “The Student Union has partnered with Capsule to promote an efficient, accessible, and free pharmacy option for […]

Comfortable illusions: How our brains mislead us

Over the course of the academic year, Brandeis faculty from diverse disciplines convene to share their perspectives on broad issues with the Brandeis student community during events called Critical Conversations. This year’s first Critical Conversation, “Comfortable Illusions: How Our Brains Mislead Us,” recently took place and featured themes regarding biological perception, social behavior and nationalistic […]

Univ. anthropologist unearths Maya settlement

Brandeis anthropologist Charles Golden and his colleague Andrew Scherer recently got the opportunity to unearth a significant Maya settlement in the Valle de Santo Domingo of Mexico, according to a New York Times article. This settlement they believe to be ruins of Sak Tz’i, which is a Mayan settlement that is at least 2500 years […]

‘Overwatch 2’ is garbage, or is it?

“Overwatch 2” has been out for over a week, and I have come to the conclusion that the game is simultaneously horrible and great at the same time. First, let me provide some context with my background of the game. I first played the game on console shortly after its launch but quit after a […]

The value of a good farm dog

Here I am again, The Hoot’s resident farm boy apparently. Here for another installment on what farm equipment I use and how I rate it. When I had last asked our fearless leader of free thought and expressions (also known as our Opinions editor) about what tool I should cover next, what came out of […]

Brandeis marks Indigenous Peoples’ Day

2022 marks the 530th year since the landfall of Christopher Columbus and his crew on the island of Hispaniola in 1492, and the subsequent claiming of the island for the Empire of Spain.  For the next five centuries, the events on this date would be endlessly paraded around as a milestone for the constantly morphing […]

Interviews with Brandeis University’s academic leadership: The music department

The chair of Brandeis University’s music department, Professor Karen Desmond, sat down for an interview with The Brandeis Hoot to shed a little light on the department, its future and herself. This interview is part of a series of interviews with the chairs of a plethora of different academic departments and programs at Brandeis.   […]

Brandeis Days are not the right way to fix our schedules

Brandeis’ academic calendar has a unique designation for “Brandeis Days” a few times each semester. On these days, Brandeis follows a different weekday class schedule. This past week, we had the Oct. 13 Brandeis Monday and followed a Monday schedule on Thursday.    Brandeis Days are—at best—inconvenient. You have to alter your sleep schedule, rearrange […]

Univ. announces preliminary ideas for Phase 2 of Science Complex Construction

The university announced design plans for the building project of Science 2a, the second half of the renovation of science spaces on campus. The university plans to use this space for wet labs, core facilities, classrooms and a maker space, according to a BrandeisNOW article.  In the Board of Trustees report released in May 2022, […]

Why are Americans so obsessed with boba?

I went to a Mid-Autumn Festival event that was hosted by some Asian cultural clubs this semester. Their flyers were all around campus, saying there would be games, moon cakes and boba provided. I came in 15 minutes after the event started, and I realized the boba was already gone. Most people who came did […]


“Opal, when I said that I would do anything for you, I didn’t think this was what you had in mind.”   Casey hugged herself, eyes scanning her surroundings as she listened to the sound of Opal’s labored breathing. Standing in the middle of the woods in the dead of the night was causing all […]

The NFL has a concussion problem

Concussions have been a problem in the National Football League (NFL) since it was created. Players are getting thrown all over the place. It’s naturally not a safe game to be played and concussions are evidence of that. Plenty of players have even quit football because of head trauma. One of the greatest linebackers of […]

Giving DEISday raises $869,144

The university held Giving DEISday on Oct. 6 through Oct. 9—an annual fundraising event the university hosts as a day of giving. The university exceeded its donor goal with 2,185 donors for this year’s fundraising event.  “This year, #GivingDEISday aims to set new giving records,” according to the event page.  The goal of this year’s […]

Women’s soccer plays homecoming game

The Brandeis women’s soccer team kicked off conference play in Cleveland in a competitive match against host Case Western Reserve University (CWRU). Ranked #14 in Division III by United Soccer Coaches, CWRU topped the Judges 2-1 with all goals of the game scored in the second half, snapping the Judges six game winning streak. The […]


Welcome back to the SSIS column, where we answer any and all of Brandeis students’ questions about sex, sexuality, identity and relationships. If you have a question you’d like answered in our next column, email or leave a question in the Google Form link on the Student Sexuality Information Service Facebook page. Any and […]

Men’s tennis at the ITA Regionals

Men’s tennis competed in the ITA Regionals in Maine on Sept. 30. Tommy Harrison ’26 proved a standout player at the event. Beating the sixth seed in the first round 7-6 (6-4), 6-4, Harrison was the only Judge to win a singles match. Others got close. Simon Kauppila ’23 lost in a tight three set […]

Hurricane Ian: A timeline from Naples, Florida

On Wednesday, Sept. 28, Hurricane Ian hit southwest Florida. I am from Naples, Florida, though I was fortunate enough to be on Brandeis campus when the storm made landfall. Hurricane Ian was forecast to curve northwards and make landfall around Tampa Bay, but instead, the storm moved south towards Fort Myers, Naples and the surrounding […]

Student Union holds voter registration drive

On Friday, Oct. 7, the Student Union held an event in Fellows Garden to register members of the Brandeis community to vote in the upcoming midterm elections. Local officials, including Mayor McCarthy, Councilor Bradley-MacArthur, Councilor Katz and Councilor Paz, appeared at the event and two Waltham’s League of Women Voters members attended as well. The […]