Men’s basketball starts the season strong

The first weekend in November has passed, meaning that for the University Athletic Association (UAA) the fall sports season has come to an end. But with that comes the start of the new winter 2022-2023 season! The men’s basketball team here at Brandeis University has started their season in a commanding fashion in their first […]

The legend of Taylor Heinicke

It’s Jan. 9, 2021, and the Washington Football Team is set to face off against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Football Team was the higher seed because they won the division, but they were 100% the underdogs of the game. Then, a couple hours before the game, it was announced that the starting quarterback Alex […]

Women’s soccer takes on NYU to end regular season

In the last game of the regular season, the Brandeis women’s soccer team faced off against New York University (NYU) on Nov. 5. The game was the Judges’ Senior Day, so they honored senior goalie Jessica Murawksy ’23, forward Juliette Carreiro ’23, forward Makenna Hunt ’23, midfielder Jess Herman ’23, midfielder Morgan Clark ’23, back […]

The midterm elections are done, but where does this leave us?

So, the midterms are now past. Well, I shouldn’t say they’ve gone quite yet. The tallying for the elections, which occurred this past Tuesday on Nov. 8, is still ongoing.  At the time of writing, the Democrats are projected to have taken the wins in both the Arizona and Nevada Senate races, putting them over […]

The art of ghosting

“Hey, how’s your week going?” “Do you want to go get brunch this weekend?” The two texts above were sent three days ago, but they were always on “read” and you never received anything back from the other side. You remembered it was a great date that you had been on, but the person just […]

Lower Usdan’s ultimate creation: The bubble grilled cheese

At 6:05 p.m. on a Monday, I walked into Lower Usdan with one goal only: to eat dinner. Valiantly, I scoured the dining hall, scanning every nook and cranny for the sacred item for the Excalibur of cuisines: the grilled cheese. It was a simple desire—all I wanted was bread and melted cheese. But with […]

Red Bull’s horns turn inwards

Last weekend on Nov. 13 the 21st race in the 2022 Formula 1 circuit got underway—the Brazilian grand prix! The circuit is located in the Sao Paulo suburb of Interlagos. It is commonly referred to as the circuit of Sao Paulo even though the circuit was renamed “Autodromo José Carlos Pace” in honor of Carlos […]

Running into problems, let’s not backtrack

It’s no secret that the track facilities aren’t extremely up to date here. Just take a walk to the outdoor track where you can see it’s filled with small holes, uneven surfaces and two large strips where the track was ripped up. That’s just the beginning of the massive list of necessities that include newer […]

Brandeis students respond to antisemitic hate speech

In response to recent antisemitic rhetoric in pop culture such as commentary from rapper Kanye West, now known as “Ye,” Brandeis students responded in an interview with CBS Local News Boston. The interviewees were Meshulum Ungar ’24, Maya Stiefel ’24, Michael Schwartz ’23 and Oona Wood ’23. The panel addressed questions regarding the persistence of […]

Undamming the future of the Charles

Situated just behind the aptly named Charles River Apartments, the Charles is right in Brandeis’ backyard, but is likely on the periphery of our busy lives. This river, once a polluted wasteland, has undergone massive cleanup initiatives and improvements over the past few decades. It’s an environmental success story, but one that is far from […]

Louis Brandeis is a Scorpio

This week on Nov. 13 marked the 166th birthday of our university’s namesake Justice Louis D. Brandeis. Many students may not know the impact of the man whose statue they put orange cones on top of, so to celebrate the big 1-6-6 we want to honor the life and legacy of our namesake.    Brandeis—the […]

Student Union moves to impeach senator

On Sunday, Nov. 6 at the weekly Senate meeting, the Student Union heard the proceedings for a motion to impeach Senator Zachary Moskovits ’26. The articles of impeachment were put forward by Nicholas Kanan ’23, after an incident that occurred with three students and Moskovits on Oct. 26. Kanan highlighted four violations of the Student […]

South Asian Students Association presents Mela

The Brandeis South Asian Students Association (SASA) recently hosted their 25th annual cultural show Mela, featuring speeches, dancing, singing, food and more to celebrate South Asian culture. The theme for this year was Yatra, a Malayalam word that means journey. SASA described their goals for this show, saying, “Our hope is that this theme beautifully […]

America’s faulty educational standards

At many higher education institutions across the country, students complain about how poorly their high schools prepared them for “the real world.” Students lament the lack of financial literacy they learn, the shortage of life skills they receive, and the utter lack of climate change education (more on that in the YOCA column soon). In […]

The double-edged sword of crop burning

Over Halloween weekend I had the privilege of being able to travel to Mobile, Alabama with the tennis club. It was a wonderful weekend but as I gazed out of the window of my plane I could not help but look down upon the earth below me. At first, it was gorgeous as we departed […]

Welcome to the Vicky Mouse Clubhouse: Come inside it’s fun inside

I have to say, I’ve never had that big of a problem with Brandeis housing. I’ve evaded the mold, avoided the ant infestations of Grad and only had nightmares of ever encountering an East bug. Truly I only had a brief problem with heating my freshman year when we walked around in winter coats because […]

Hexter’s piece at Brandeis

Brandeis’ campus can, to the untrained and uninterested eye, seem to have a random assortment of sculptures and art spread throughout. From our philosophical boy laying outside the library, to the somewhat random sticks placed into the ground in between the Shapiro Student Center and the Office of Admissions, Brandeis’ art on campus can appear […]

The grass is always greener on the other side

As we look around local parks, around our homes and even around Brandeis’ campus, the majority of the green we see is made up of grass. But the American ideal of a manicured, uniform law is not as environmentally friendly as it appears upon first glance. It’s green, but it’s not “green.”   For decades, […]

Just in time: Break is here

The final push to get to Thanksgiving break is under way with the last full week of classes prior to the holiday wrapping up. But, among ourselves and in conversations with others, we have found a common theme running through the campus—burnout.  The fall semester at Brandeis offers a lot to students when it comes […]