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Another introduction to the YOCA column

Welcome back to campus, Brandeis. As some of you may know, last semester The Brandeis Hoot launched a weekly column in its opinions section: The Year of Climate Action column. This climate-focused column serves as a proud spire for students to voice their opinions on anything climate-related, and a place to showcase people who work on climate solutions. Despite the name, YOCA column articles don’t just have to be about Brandeis’ Year of Climate Action. Any climate-related writing can go into this column.


We’ve had articles in the past about lawns, the emotional impacts of climate change, old-growth forests and so much more. Whether it’s your first article for The Hoot or your 50th, I’d love it if you (yes, you) wrote for the column. If you have any ideas for this column please get in touch with me at coopergottfried@brandeis.edu or come to our production nights (Thursday from 6 p.m. to midnight). I look forward to hearing from you!

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