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Brandeis sends updates to students as spring semester begins

On Jan. 12, Interim Vice President of Student Affairs Andrea Dine sent an email to Brandeis students welcoming them to campus and updating students on several important changes taking place as the semester’s start nears.


First, Dine announced that the Boston-Cambridge shuttle service will resume in February. The shuttle will run from Fridays to Sundays in partnership with WeDriveU, “a national transportation company with a focus on universities,” according to the email. Dine also mentioned that more information can be found on Public Safety’s website as it becomes available.


Next, Dine informed students that a leadership change has taken place at Harvest Table. Clayton Hargrove is no longer serving as Harvest Table’s Resident District Manager and Kory Laznick has taken over his role, according to Dine’s email. “His role oversees the entire dining program at Brandeis. Laznick joins Harvest Table with experience leading campus dining programs on other campuses and a professional background as a chef,” the email states.


Dine also mentions that our campus is currently in Green COVID status, meaning that campus transmission is low and has minimal impact on campus operations. Dine reminds students that, in this COVID status level, “masking is required on all Brandeis transportation, in areas where a masking requirement is posted, and in all classes (unless unmasking is permitted by the instructor). Instructors have been encouraged to require masking for the first two weeks of classes,” according to the email. Dine also asks students to “consider masking in other crowded indoor spaces and on public transportation, and [to] be sure to have a mask with you while you are on campus in case the need to mask arises,” according to the email. Students should also test for COVID and if the test comes back positive, they should not return to campus until instructed to do so by the Brandeis Case Tracing Program (BCTP), according to the email. Even if the test is negative, students are asked to mask indoors upon return to campus and test again on the third day after your return, the email says. But not forgotten are non-COVID illnesses, as Dine adds that Brandeis’ Health Center can test students for the flu and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which are common around this time of year.


In a separate email received by students on Jan. 12, Brandeis Hospitality announced some “meaningful changes to your dining experience based on your feedback.” First, walk-up ordering will be implemented at La Sabrosa, Nakiri, Greens & Grains, Wild Blue Sushi, Louis’ Deli and the Farber Starbucks according to the email. The email says that this will provide “even more convenient and flexible ordering options at these locations.”


The email goes on to say that “the Kosher product offerings have been expanded with designated sections to provide a more seamless shopping experience.” Additionally, the meal swipe exchange options have been expanded, according to the email. Finally, the email says that mobile ordering will become available via the Starship app, allowing Brandeis community members to have certain Hoot Market items available for delivery.


Finally, the email mentions several new hospitality team members. In addition to the hiring of Kory Laznick as Resident District Manager, Richard Biggs is being brought on as Director of Hospitality at Sherman, Jason Ulak will be joining as Executive Chef and John Corona will be Brandeis Hospitality’s registered dietitian.

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