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Brandeis alum honored with Wingate University’s Corts Award

Wingate University Professor Magdalena Krajewska, who received her doctorate from Brandeis University in 2011, was recently named the winner of the Charles And Hazel Corts Award For Excellence In Teaching. Wingate University gives this award to a “faculty member who has been a member of the faculty for a minimum of five consecutive years and deserving of special recognition for meritorious teaching.” The Corts Award is one of Wingate’s two “Excellence in Teaching Awards.” The other is the The Debra M. O’neal Award For Excellence In Teaching, which is given to “faculty member who has served with distinction in the classroom and who has been a member of the faculty for eight years or less,” according to Wingate University’s website

In an article from Wingate University’s website, it’s mentioned that Professor Krajewska was nominated “by a U.S. diplomat who considers [her] contributions to students “life-changing.” Krajewska, an associate political science professor, received six nominations for the award including one from a U.S. Department of State employee whose career goals were supported by the professor.

Professor Krajewska was inspired to become a politics professor because of “the political and economic changes [she] witnessed growing up in Poland and also living in Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States.” Krajewska’s other nominations came from former students, all of whom praised her ability to help students “engage with the world around them” and mold students into “informed and compassionate citizens of the world.” These students were all grateful for her benevolence and sent passionate nomination letters to Wingate to put Professor Krajewska in the running for this award.

Outside of the classroom, Professor Krajewska authored “Documenting Americans: A Political History of National ID Card Proposals in the United States,” the only long-form history of American ID cards. She has also written articles like “Implementing the REAL ID Act: Intergovernmental Conflict and Cooperation in Homeland Security Policy” and serves as a board member on the North Carolina Political Science Association.

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