Upper: a clash of normalcy and confusion

To many Brandeisians, Upper Usdan appears to have a new and updated look which comes with a new function—countertop ordering. But to many, if not all, seniors this is a return to the Upper we once knew as young and spry first-years. The removal of the kindergarten-style cubbies which prevented students from ordering from the […]

Prioritizing utility over swag?

This article is part of an ongoing collaborative column by Gonny Nir and Jamie Trope. In this column, the authors explore questions big and small, worthwhile and worthless, obvious and absurd, all for the humble pursuit of knowledge, truth and sanity (or lack thereof).    Greetings Gonny!   In one of our previous in-person discussions, […]

Fencing finishes in second at NFC

After both the men’s and women’s teams finished in first place at the first Northeast Fencing Conference (NFC), they looked to continue that success at the second one. The second NFC took place on Jan. 22 at Boston College (BC).  The men’s team faced BC in round one. It was a tough round that ended […]

BookTok worth it or not: ‘These Violent Delights’

Folks, I told you I would be back with another review and here I am fulfilling that promise. Here’s my deal for those of you who are new in town. I am Victoria. I like to read. It’s actually sometimes a problem. But not for the paper it’s not because it supplies us with content. […]

Tommy Thyme

In honor of the past tradition held by former Editors-in-Chief Sasha and John, I have elected to take up a new food review column—one driven not by fast food frenzy but by homecooked and easy-to-make meals. For those who want to follow along from their prison cells of Brandeis housing kitchens let me begin by […]

Biden Administration unveils new plans to help migrants and asylum-seekers

Migrants at America’s southern border with Mexico have been a point of political contention for the past year, as large numbers of people are crossing into the US for work or seeking asylum. The overall number of illegal border crossings has gone up since 2021, with the number of border patrol encounters rising to 2.2 […]

‘The Whale’ is a fascinating yet emotionally draining character study

“Do you ever get the feeling that people are incapable of not caring?” This question is pondered in Darren Aronofsky’s film “The Whale.” This is a film that is meant to show that even if there may be some bad qualities in people, there may be some good qualities that lurk underneath, and vice versa. […]

Brandeis Art Exchange initiative

The MakerLab and Brandeis Arts Engagement recently launched the Brandeis Art Exchange, where students can use and donate items for creative projects, contained in a small structure outside of the Usdan Student Center. The structure is modeled after the Little Free Library program, which is an initiative originating from the Little Free Library nonprofit organization […]