Student Union Winter Election results

The Student Union held its winter elections for the spring 2023 semester on Feb. 1, according to an email sent by Student Union president, Peyton Gillespie ’25. Students had 24 hours to cast their votes.    The positions up for election were Student Union Secretary, East Quad Senator, Mid-year Senator, Senator for the Class of […]

Prof. Laura Goldin passes away at age 71

Laura Goldin, the founder and chair of the Environmental Studies Program at Brandeis University, passed away on Feb. 2 at the age of 71 in Austin, Texas. Goldin not only made an impact on the Brandeis community through the Environmental Studies (ENVS) program, but she had a huge impact on the greater community with her […]

Over break, recharge and reconnect

Even though we’re only a month into the spring semester, it feels like we’ve been back on campus for a year already. As we hear whispers of that dreaded affliction—burnout—in the halls of Olin-Sang or among the booths in Upper, it seems as though the February break is coming at the perfect time. So much […]

‘She Said’ has plain storytelling, but harsh truths

In the Hollywood industry and many workplaces, women were historically taught to keep quiet and let the men take control. This all changed with the #MeToo movement. This allowed women to finally speak up about the harassment they had been facing. A lot of this began with sexual assault accusations against revered movie producer Harvey […]

Liebowitz offers support to those impacted by earthquake in Syria and Turkey

On Feb 11, university president Ron Liebowitz reached out to community members regarding the earthquake that impacted Syria and Turkey. The first earthquake occurred on Feb 6, followed by a series of aftershocks with high magnitudes.  “Many of us at Brandeis have strong connections with people who have been devastated by this earthquake. I have […]

Mahomie captures the dub

Wanted the Eagles to win: Before I get into my thoughts on the 2023 Super Bowl, I must preface this by saying that I am a huge New England Patriots fan. Despite this, I was most certainly rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles in this game—I know, shocking. Though the Chiefs are an incredibly talented team […]

Rose Art Museum hosts Lyle Ashton Harris’ ‘Our first and last love’

Since Feb. 9, the Rose Art Museum has hosted an exhibition of Lyle Ashton Harris’ work entitled “Our first and last love.” The title of the exhibition is referenced in one of Harris’ pieces, where a red neon sign reading “our first and last love is self love.” This Rose exhibition serves as an examination […]

Tommy Time returns

Well well well. It has been a long time since this column has been opened and a lot has changed since we last spoke. When the column was opened four years ago COVID-19 still had not sent myself and the rest of my class home. There was a lot of promise for this column as […]

Whimsical mouse paintings and more: an interview with Stuart Dunkel

 Like many people, I often find myself frequenting the Instagram Explore page, well, exploring. On one such occasion, I came across the sweetest post of an oil painting. The subject? A mouse. I was absolutely delighted to discover that the artist, Stuart Dunkel (@stuartdunkel on Instagram), focuses entirely on paintings of mice interacting with different […]

It’s all Greek to me: Common sense, and why the ancient Greeks are overrated

The ancient Greeks were not that great. I am a Classical Studies major and I am one of the Undergraduate Departmental Representatives for the department, so I study the writings and teachings of the venerated philosophers of Athens from millennia ago. That being said, I have come to know that a lot of what these […]

Spring tennis season off to a mixed start

In their first matches of the spring season, the men’s and women’s tennis teams went 2-0 and 0-2, respectively. The men started off against St. Michael’s College on Feb. 4, before meeting Franklin Pierce University on Feb. 11. The women traveled to play against Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Bryant University back to back […]

Dienstag ends 18-year All-UAA drought

From Feb. 8 to Feb. 11, the Brandeis men’s and women’s swim and dive teams competed at the University Athletic Association (UAA) Championships in Atlanta, Georgia. Both teams competed hard and set school records at the four-day event. Last year the men’s team finished in eighth place with 417 points while the women’s team also […]

Jelle’s Marble Rally Season 6: Race 1

On Feb. 3, 2023, the first race of Jelle’s Marble Sand Rally Season 6 commenced. The course was in a more stable condition than what occurred during the qualifiers; Race 1 brought with it a sand condition of 4/5 and weather conditions of 5/5, with no wind in sight.  The marbles were clearly ready to […]

Judges compete at three meets in one week

For the fourth, fifth and sixth meets of the indoor track and field season, the Judges didn’t need to go far. The men’s and women’s teams ran at the Cupid Invitational at Tufts University on Feb. 4, the Valentine’s Invitational at Boston University (BU) on Feb. 10 and the Gordon Kelly Invitational at Massachusetts Institute […]

SofarSounds: Expand your musical horizons

Have you ever been to a concert that was too big? One where you can barely see the artist over the sea of smartphones recording on Snapchat, and can barely move in the crowd of people? I know I have, and these experiences are far from the fun I hope to have at live music […]

Lunch with an environmental lobbyist

Brandeis students and faculty gathered for a Year of Climate Action event titled “Lunch with an Environmental Lobbyist.” Katharine Lange, the lobbyist in question, took her seat at the head of the table and began by prompting the attendees to share their names and a recent outdoor moment as she prepared to discuss the work […]

Men’s and women’s fencing compete at Duke Invitational

The Brandeis men’s and women’s fencing team traveled to Duke University for the Duke Invitational on Feb. 11. This was some of the toughest competition these two teams faced all season. Last year, the men’s team went 2-3 at the competition and the women’s team went 0-5.  To start the day, the men’s team faced […]

Univ. announces the return of shuttle service

Student leaders announced on Instagram the return of the Boston/Cambridge shuttle service. The service will begin again on Friday, Feb. 17, according to the post.  “Thank you Chief Rushton for all your hard work bringing back the Boston/Cambridge shuttle and ensuring our safety,” reads the post.  Public Safety Chief Matthew Rushton was in charge of […]