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Jelle’s Marble Rally Season 6: Race 6

It’s here, folks. The midpoint of the marble rally season. Ghost Plasma continues to maintain a strong first place position over the other marbles, with 77 points overall to second place Silver Bolt’s 62 points and third place Ducktape’s 53 points. Will the point gap be closed over the next six races, with a different marble to take the gold? Only time will tell. Though the tracks have been challenging, these are the best marble athletes in the world, and they are more than up for the task at hand. 


The sixth race had optimal conditions, with a 5/5 weather ranking and 4/5 sand condition with no wind. The line-up from 1-16, for race 6, consisted of Ghost Plasma (GHO), Grasshopper (GRA), Blizzard Blaster (BBL), Pollo Loco (POL), Superball (SUP), Wisp of Darkness (WOD),

Amethyst (AME), Cool Moody (CMO), Red Number 3 (RN3), Ducktape (DUC), Slimer (SLI), Cobra (COB), Silver Bolt (SBO), Crazy Cat’s Eye (CCE), Lollipop (LOP) and Reflektor (REF). 


GHO gained a substantial lead at the offset of the race, with SUP close behind. REF careened through one of the side walls by 20.74 seconds, unable to complete the remainder of the course. SUP challenged GHO for the lead by 35.5 seconds and successfully passed the current leading marble, claiming the first-place position. Meanwhile, marble rally newcomer AME held strong in the third-place position, clearly vying for a place on the podium in this race. 


 By 59.32, both WOD and DUC were out of the race, unable to complete the remainder of the course. This marked the third time in six races that WOD did not complete the race. WOD’s chances of even placing in the top five by the end of the rally season appear to be slim to none by this point. 


Meanwhile, SUP maintained a strong lead over GHO and GRA in second and third place, respectively. At the bridge obstacle, GHO was caught briefly by the hole in the bridge, allowing GRA and CMO to slip past the marble. This was not GHO’s race, unusual given the marble’s track record for this season thus far.

 After the bridge, GRA turned its sights on SUP’s first place position, weaving deftly between the sand walls to try and gain on SUP. At 1:58 minutes, GRA pressed in an offensive against SUP, who successfully defended the first-place position, blocking GRA from passing by. 

SUP successfully used the speed boost at the end of the race, claiming the marble’s first win of the season. GRA placed second and CMO third. GHO placed fourth, definitely planning for the next race and the new techniques that will be implemented. You can watch race six here.

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