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Brandeis wraps up orientation week with VolunteerFest

VolunteerFest at Brandeis occurs each semester where students can learn about the different service and leadership opportunities that Brandeis has to offer. VolunteerFest is an opportunity for new and existing students to learn about the various service-oriented organizations on campus to get involved in. 


In the past, VolunteerFest has been held in either the Levin Ballroom or the Sherman Function Hall, and has consisted of Waltham Group organization and other nonprofit organizations. Each organization would greet students and give their “spiel” about their programs and attempt to get students signed up to their events. 


Waltham Group is an umbrella organization at Brandeis with 20+ student-run service programs. These organizations range from working with kids to targeting environmental and policy issues. All programs have a common goal of assisting the Waltham community in different ways. 


This year, VolunteerFest was held in Sherman Function Hall (and neighboring rooms in Sherman), with a new approach to the event. Instead of students going around tables and hearing coordinators and leaders speak about their groups, there was an added portion. Each group or nonprofit organization was asked to do a service project to familiarize students with the work that the group does. 


While students would still hear organizations and their purposes, there was a list of guiding discussion questions on each table to give students a jump start on any questions they had. The tables were also round tables with seven chairs around them so that students could sit, conduct the service project and learn more about the programs. 


Another new aspect of VolunteerFest was the addition of non-profit organizations in Waltham. Previously, VolunteerFest was limited to Waltham Group organizations and other service programs on campus. This semester it introduced Waltham nonprofits at VolunteerFest such as Healthy Waltham, Watch CDC, Africano Waltham and more. 


You can learn more about VolunteerFest, Waltham Group and the different nonprofit organizations present at this semester’s VolunteerFest by heading to each of their websites. 


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