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Family of bus crash victim files wrongful death lawsuit

CONTENT WARNING: The following article contains details about the bus crash that occurred in November. Reader discretion is advised.


In August, the family of Vanessa Mark filed a wrongful death lawsuit against both Joseph’s Transportation and the bus driver who was operating the vehicle at the time of the crash.


The crash, which occurred in November, killed Mark and injured 26 other students. The lawsuit alleges that the bus driver was traveling at nearly double the speed limit, and was working extra hours at two separate driving jobs in the weeks leading up to the crash. This information and more information about the crash can be found on Brandeis University’s website.


The family’s attorney, Clay Robbins III, noted that Joseph’s Transportation could have prevented this crash by performing “simple due diligence,” adding that the company “either didn’t know or didn’t care that its driver violated hours of service laws, disregarded safety rules and drove recklessly.”

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