New developments with Brandeis’ microscope facilities

Microscopes play a pivotal role in uncovering key biological discoveries by allowing scientists to visualize structures that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye. Recently, the Brandeis Light Microscopy Facility and the Electron Microscopy Facility have had a number of updates in staff and inventory. In an interview with The Hoot, staff and faculty […]

Cross-country sees improvements at Conn. College

On Oct. 14, the Brandeis Judges’ men’s and women’s cross-country teams traveled to New London, Connecticut to participate in the Connecticut College Invitational. 26 teams participated in the races, with the Judges’ women’s team placing 16th in the six-kilometer (6K) race and the men’s team placing 20th in the eight-kilometer (8K) race. Overall, the women’s […]

Brandeis hosts its 75th anniversary celebration along with homecoming and parents weekend

This past weekend, Brandeis held its 75th anniversary celebration, along with both parents weekend and homecoming. With a jam-packed schedule spanning from October 13-15, this long awaited event brought together esteemed alumni, distinguished faculty, students and others connected to the university to celebrate 75 years of Brandeis.  The festivities commenced on October 13 with President […]

‘Cobweb’ is severely underrated

Through split reviews, poor advertising, and the most abysmal release date (mid-July and the same weekend as Barbenheimer), “Cobweb” was forgotten before anyone even got the chance to watch it. This is a cinematic tragedy rivaling the “Creep” series never receiving a theatrical release. “Cobweb” is one of the weirdest and most creative horror movies […]

“The Great British Bake Off” season 14 episode 4 recap: keep your temper

It’s week four, and Chocolate Week! After a couple sporadic appearances over the years, it feels as though chocolate has officially been added to the week four theme rotation. It’s a good theme, leaving the door open to lots of different bakes while still being technically demanding. The episode opens with yet another adorable and […]

BookTalk: comfort reads

After a long week, I often choose to ignore my TBR (to-be-read books) and instead pick up one of my favorite comfort reads. They’re all sweet, heartwarming romances that can cheer you up after a hard day, and since I’ve read them all at least five times, I can fall into the familiar worlds easily.  […]

Why is Brandeis on a hill? (and other weird facts about campus)

As I was walking down the Rabb Steps this Monday, my foot stumbled, and I narrowly managed to balance myself before I fell down all three flights of stairs (and possibly broke all of my bones/died). This catastrophic near miss made me wonder, why does our school have to be on a hill?  Surely if […]

Why Should You Watch Classic ‘Doctor Who’?

Since beginning to write these “Doctor Who” articles, I’ve had multiple people come up to me and tell me that they’ve seen some or all of the modern (2005-onwards) series of “Doctor Who”, but have yet to see any of the classic (1963-1989) series. Well, I am here to tell these people (and all of […]

Men’s soccer currently ranked third in UAA Conference

During this past week, the men’s soccer team has played one game. This game was another University Athletic Association (UAA) game for the Judges as it was against the University of Chicago (UChicago) Maroons. This game was held on Saturday, Oct. 14 following the women’s soccer team as a part of the Brandeis Family Weekend […]

Ranking dining hall desserts

If there’s one thing all Brandeis students have in common, it’s that we all have strong opinions on Harvest Table. I am no exception, and today I will be discussing one of my biggest Harvest Table pet peeves—why is the quality of desserts so inconsistent? I mean seriously. One day, the dining halls put out […]

75 years of connections: an interview with Jon Schlesinger, director of Hiatt

The 75th Anniversary celebrations were a great success last weekend. In three days, a plethora of activities were held around campus, featuring current students, parents and alumni, with multiple divisions involved in the planning. The Brandeis Hoot is doing a series of interviews with different departments and planning teams for the 75th Anniversary weekend. Today, […]

Women’s volleyball falls to Tufts

On Oct. 17, at Brandeis’ Red Auerbach Arena, the Judges’ women’s volleyball team lost to the Tufts University Jumbos 1-3. The Judges won the first set after battling through multiple lead changes, and neither team was able to mount a significant advantage until the end of the set. But the Judges pulled ahead with a […]

Hoot Recommends: halloween candy

Hello and welcome back to “Hoot Recommends,” where members of The Brandeis Hoot’s editorial board share our thoughts on different topics. This week, members of our board will be sharing their favorite halloween candy! Cooper Milky Way Midnights are the best candy. Period. Full stop. Normal Milky Ways are … fine. But, something about a […]

Letter to The Hoot: Brandeis students reflect on deaths in Israel

Editor’s note: As an independent news source for the Brandeis community, The Hoot and its editorial board support publishing all opinions of our students, faculty and staff. As such, The Hoot does not serve as an arbiter on the sensitive topics herein. The views expressed within are not necessarily reflective of the beliefs of The […]

Women’s soccer loses to UChicago by one point

Since our last publication, the women’s soccer team has played one game. This game was a part of the Brandeis Family Weekend and 75th Anniversary celebrations. The Judges hosted the University of Chicago (UChicago) Maroons in another University Athletic Association (UAA) game for the season. Having lost all of their UAA Conference games thus far […]

Anita Hill, Joyce Antler ’63 discuss Brandeis women who changed the world

Last Saturday, Oct. 14, as part of the Brandeis 75th anniversary weekend celebration, the university held the panel “Brandeis Women Who Changed the World: A Conversation with Anita Hill and Joyce Antler” in Spingold Theater. The panel was hosted by Anita Hill, University Professor of Social Policy, Law, and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and […]