A look back at ‘Doctor Who’ anniversary specials

The 60th anniversary of “Doctor Who” is fast approaching, so I feel like this is the right moment to take a look back at “Doctor Who’s” previous anniversary specials. Anniversary specials (which generally mark each decade of the show or thereabouts) have three main traits. They are full of fanservice, their plots are coming apart […]

Cross-country teams finish 10th at end-of-season race

On Nov. 11, the Brandeis Judges’ women’s and men’s cross-country teams traveled to Hopkinton, New Hampshire, to participate in the 2023 National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) East Regional Championship. Both teams placed 10th in their respective races, out of a total of 33 teams for the women’s race and 34 teams for the men’s race. […]

Book review: ‘Beginning to End the Climate Crisis’

First and foremost, this is a very important book. In my opinion, it has some flaws, which I’ll talk about later, but overall, it’s a great book. Even more important than my personal take on the book is the fact that that permeates all the pages of the book and that it should permeate most […]

Brandeis announces 53rd Rosenstiel Award winner

Professor of Biochemistry and Structural Biology Wolfgang Baumeister has been named the 53rd winner of the Rosenstiel Award for Distinguished Work in Basic Medical Research. Baumeister is celebrated for his pioneering work developing a technique called cryo-electron tomography. To answer research questions at the intersection of biology and chemistry, it is often crucial to be […]

‘The Great British Bake Off’ season 14 episode 8 recap: redemption party

It’s the quarterfinals! Now, as you all know, last week’s episode was terrible. So the main challenge of this week’s episode was to a) not be terrible and b) be mildly entertaining. In that order. Luckily, it succeeded on both fronts. The coordinated outfits of weeks past are now gone. It is the quarterfinals, after […]

Harmony reaches new heights: an interview with Rather be Giraffes

If you’re itching to get involved in the a cappella scene at Brandeis, Rather be Giraffes (RBG) may be just what you are looking for! The Hoot sat down with RBG’s president, Morgan Collens ’26, to learn more about this high energy group of dedicated singers. Though one of the newer a cappella groups on […]

Art that eased the pain

Hell-ooooooo Hoot Readers!!!! It’s been a while since I’ve last written to you. The last month and a half has been an emotional roller-coaster, but we are so back! Aside from all the wonderful people in my life (I love you all so much, yes, even you), art has been essential to getting me through […]

Brandeis student speaks on Friday’s protest and bailing arrestees out

On Wednesday, Nov. 15, The Hoot interviewed a Brandeis student who played a role in the recent protest held on Friday, Nov. 10 due to the derecognition of the Brandeis chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP). The student participated in the protest and coordinated the collection of money to bail out arrestees at […]

Driver charged in connection with last year’s shuttle crash

In an email sent to members of the Brandeis community on Nov. 3, Vice President for Campus Planning and Operations Lois Stanley, Chief of Public Safety Matt Rushton and Vice President for Student Affairs Andrea Dine told students that “the driver of the shuttle bus was criminally charged. The case will now move through the […]

Brandeis’ chapter of SJP derecognized by university just before peaceful vigil

On Monday, Nov. 6, Brandeis Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) planned to hold a vigil to “mourn 9,000+ Palestinian martyrs killed by the [Israeli] occupation in Gaza.” This vigil was to be held in the Shapiro Campus Center (SCC) at 6:30 p.m., and students were encouraged to “dress in Black, and bring flags, keffiyehs, […]

Ranking the architects who designed Brandeis

Have you ever wandered around campus and thought to yourself, “Man, this building is so ugly! Who designed it?!”  I have been pondering this question for far longer than any sane person should, as this semester I am taking a wonderful class in Modern Architecture (please check FA-80A out! Prof. Güvenç is amazing!) As I […]

Reviewing the reality shows me and my dad like

This is not my most relatable article topic, but my reputation is niche and I am simply living up to that. Every summer, my parents and I have to fill three months of nights up with television, and when we inevitably run through every good show we can all agree on, we resign ourselves to […]

Reading and reviewing ‘The Bromance Book Club’

I have read many, many romantic comedies in my time. I say it’s my favorite genre, but the truth is that I am extremely picky and I have found that few of the romcoms I have read are actually worth recommending to anyone. I started the “Bromance Book Club” series by Lyssa Kay Adams with […]

A conversation with Derek Zanetti of the Homeless Gospel Choir

After dropping off lasagna at a friend’s house, Derek Zanetti spoke to me from his home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He lives there with his wife Lindsey and their dog Winnie. Zanetti is a multimedia artist best known for his punk rock band The Homeless Gospel Choir. His distinctive Pittsburgh accent rings as clearly when we […]

People’s Sexiest Man Alive: The men are sexy and they know it

For a long time, many aspects of the media were created for the male gaze. The sexualization of women was the backbone to money being made in many aspects of the media. However, People Magazine has set out to change that with their Sexiest Man Alive issues. Every year since 1985, People Magazine has selected […]

Brandeis students hold walkout to protest police brutality

On Nov. 13, 2023, members of the Brandeis community left their classes and other commitments to gather on the Great Lawn in response to the arrest of seven members of the protest that occured on Friday, Nov. 10. Close to 100 people silently kneeled and sat on the Great Lawn, carrying blank papers as part […]

The soul of Brandeis is its community, not the administration

Hi, everyone. As you surely are aware, the last two weeks since our previous publication have been rather eventful on campus. While facts and insights regarding events like the Nov. 6 vigil, the Nov. 10 protest and the Nov. 13 walkout can be found in the news section of this week’s issue, The Hoot’s editorial […]