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Brandeis holds semesterly involvement fair

On Jan. 14 from 1-4 p.m., Brandeis student clubs and organizations all gathered in Levin Ballroom for the semesterly involvement fair. Brandeis has over 200 student-run clubs and organizations on campus that all gathered together to pitch their spiels to students looking for new opportunities on campus. 

Taking the semesterly event inside due to the cold weather, clubs of all kinds promoted and encouraged students to sign up for their organizations. There were religious organizations, service groups, athletics, cultural clubs, the arts and so much more. The involvement fair is a time for students to explore different opportunities at Brandeis that often lead to lifelong friendships and connections. 

Students went up and down the rows and floors of tables and signs. Clubs offered food, stickers, merchandise and other miscellaneous items to encourage students to sign up for their clubs. Students could sign up for email lists and join their Campus Groups to view events and scheduled meetings.

Brandeis has over 200 clubs and organizations. With clubs ranging in variety from Mountain Club, to Adagio Dance Company, to Aviation Club, to Brandeis Democrats, Brandeis has opportunities for a plethora of student interests. The additional plus side of Brandeis clubs is that you can create your own if you feel your specific interests are not fully being represented. 

To learn more about the different clubs and organizations that Brandeis has to offer, visit the Brandeis website

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