To acquire wisdom, one must observe

‘longing for eternity’

every time, i see an innocent child suffering, 

i long for eternity

when injustice engulfs the earth like a flood, 

i long a little more 

when sickness strikes, 

i imagine running without weariness in the new body Jesus will give me, free of any ailment or imperfection

when i hear about the evil that man conjures up in his diabolic heart,

it makes me wonder about a life where our hearts will be perfected and refined like silver in a blistering furnace, chipping away all its impurities 

yet marvelling at the vast, sapphire sea, 

gives me a glimpse of the beauty of Creation in eternity 

when I feel the sacrificial, selfless love of a friend or the special love of my mother, 

i taste a sliver of eternity where love is as abundant as air 

when i remember what Jesus has done for me and long for more of Him, 

i look forward to being with Him in eternity

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