The dangers of censorship and restricting access to knowledge in education

Recent developments in several U.S. states have banned Critical Race Theory, AP African American History and books in general. Such widespread movements for censorship of access to knowledge pertaining to civil rights and the histories of minorities in this country ought to be considered incredibly dangerous. Not only are these restrictive measures exemplary of censorship […]

Presence of progressive left in France’s election

While the progressive left most certainly exists in the United States and comes into mainstream media on occasion, over the past few elections we have seen a strong inclination towards empowering centrist candidates and moderates: a result of America’s insistence of maintaining a two party system. This two party system between the Republicans and Democrats […]

The perks of traveling

After nearly a year of living in France and traveling around Europe, I feel as if the more I experience different countries and their cultures, the less different everyone becomes. While Rome certainly looks more ancient than Berlin, and Barcelona was definitely cheaper than Paris, I have made more mental notes of how similar and […]

Ukraine is the new Afghanistan; Western hypocrisy in support for Ukraine

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has truly been in progression for quite some time, in which its democracy has been challenged consistently since its independence in 1991. Starting in 2014 during the Euromaidan revolution where Crimea was annexed, Russian involvement in politics in neighboring former Soviet Union countries has continued to pose threats to sovereignty. […]

Cop Mayor Eric Adams: Misunderstood or part of the problem?

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, although just having come into office in January of 2022, has already come under fire in particularly progressive circles as a response to his policing background and “fascist” rhetoric. There is widespread criticism of Mayor Adams as being too pro-police and ignorant of the issues affecting minorities living in […]

Pence’s statements and the need for multiple parties

Bipolarity in the United States’ political realm has been a growing concern throughout various periods of American history; today’s political bipolarity shows nothing more than the centuries-long need to step away from our two-party system that feeds into this cleavage. Pence’s surprising rebuke of Trump’s statement on the legality of overturning American elections signals, to […]

Should a remote option be obligatory in the pandemic?

Due to the pandemic restricting people to their homes, especially during lockdowns and quarantines, remote options have become commonplace in the workplace and academic settings. At the start of the quarantine in 2020, both my younger brother and I were switched onto Zoom classes for the duration of our semesters. I personally felt as if […]

Will there ever be an end to COVID-19?

As we enter into 2022, where the omicron variant has now been spreading rapidly and brought back the air of 2020’s quarantine, I ask myself frequently whether an end to this will ever be in view. Media across the United States, France and seemingly most other western states, consistently like to cite the reluctance of […]

Study abroad during a pandemic

Going into this year studying abroad in Paris, I was very aware of the potential drawbacks being that we are still quite in the middle of a pandemic. By contrast, and much to my surprise, my first few months here were absolutely splendid. Masks were used in public spaces, and people were still in the […]

Shifts in the political spectrum within France and Western Europe

France’s 2022 presidential election will likely be an influential moment in Europe’s current political atmosphere and an indication for which direction of the political spectrum Western Europe is heading towards. Emmanuel Macron, president of the French republic since 2017, has been revered in American left media for his social liberalism yet pro-business economic agenda. In […]

Differences in higher level education between France and the U.S.

Navigating the higher education system in France has been a significant part of my study abroad experience and one that has given me an insightful perspective on the French students’ relation with education. Coming from Brandeis University, I can say I was immersed in a pretty standard Northeastern Liberal Arts college culture. One that focuses […]

Unexpected Berlin

Going into Berlin, I was filled with excitement and expectations of a lively city with a grunge vibe renowned all over Europe. Even in America, I heard time and time again that Berlin’s scene was just vibrant, mysterious, interesting and weird; all aspects of a city that I look for and thrive off of. I […]

The bad and good of Congress’ social safety plan

The debate and discussions in Congress on tax proposals that will soon be voted on demonstrate a clear polarization of our government and the continued trend that socialist policy still is not at the forefront of politics as Republicans so often claim. Essentially, Democrats have been scrambling around Capitol Hill in attempt to construct a […]

The problem of racism in Europe

While many like to claim that racism does not exist in France and Western Europe, or at least that it does not exist to the same extent as in the US, I have experienced and seen quite the opposite. The French notion of race being a nonfactor to the state correlates to the societal impression […]

Healthcare as a right

Healthcare in America remains a contested debate across the aisle; a combination of private and public health insurance companies work towards ensuring access to healthcare to be unaffordable and highly strenuous yet there still is the perverse notion that the state ought not to carry the financial burden of providing coverage. While a portion of […]

Going out in Paris

If you want to party in Paris, I am here to help. Since it’s only been a few weeks that I’ve stayed here, consider this a beginners guide and one that I will undoubtedly continue to add on to. Warning though, the music scene, somewhat laughably, is about five years behind the United states.  To […]

Regardless of administration, there’s a trend of colorism in immigration policy

Recent developments in the U.S.-Mexico border involving the deportation of thousands of Haitian migrants continue to highlight the exceedingly hypocritical nature of U.S. immigration laws. Immigration has been controlled in various ways by the U.S. government for a century as the result of several immigrant waves and world wars (which shaped refugee claims and processes […]

Human nature: a universal language

Part of my aim in studying abroad in Paris is finding myself in the social culture here, understanding it and actively participating in it as not just a tourist or an American exchange student, but like a Parisian would. As I have been slowly finding out, I am much more rooted in my American perspective […]

Democratic Values in Contrast

Coming into Paris, I had aspirations of understanding the French perspective concerning politics, identity and the function of society as a whole. I did not expect to have such an internal turmoil of the contrasts between the American and French perspectives on race and identity politics to such a degree within my first week. Simultaneously, […]

Reflecting before Paris

As a precursor to my year studying abroad in Paris, I have tried taking the time to sit down and analyze and appreciate what being from New York and living in America means to me. As a growing adult, it becomes more and more apparent how we are all products of our environments. It was […]