Violence on the ballot: mediating accountability with a Biden presidency

I vividly remember the day the Access Hollywood tape of Donald Trump surfaced. As a then-sixteen-year-old, I watched the coverage in sheer disbelief at the vulgar, objectifying language and privilege perpetrated by a man vying for the highest position of power in our country. However, I remember thinking, retrospectively idealistically, that I was watching the […]

You’re allowed to be angry: piecing together the 2020 Democratic primary

When I phone banked for Senator Elizabeth Warren in the week leading up to Super Tuesday, I heard conflicting criticisms from two separate callers that, for me, uncovered the conditions of being a woman in politics. The first individual I talked to told me that they thought Warren was “too angry” in seeking accountability from […]

The double-standard of politics and its latest victim

Last year’s midterm elections deemed 2018 the “Year of the Woman,” with more women running and being elected into political office than ever before. As important as it is to commend this breakthrough and to anticipate (and most critically, fight for) future elections where female representation increases even further, it is also crucial that we […]