Make free menstrual products more trans-inclusive

Brandeis University is running a trial period for a free menstrual product initiative. Although this initiative is not representative of what the project will look like if ever fully implemented, the trial is extremely trans-exclusive. Right now, there are two places on campus where trans and nonbinary members of the Brandeis community can access menstrual […]

‘Leveling Up’ is the wrong choice of show

­­­Every theater major has to complete two practicum requirements by working tech for a department show, including running lights, sound, costume, backstage crew and ushering, among other jobs. This semester, I needed to complete my last practicum, and the only choice was a show called “Leveling Up.” I went into the process knowing nothing about […]

A critique of Trump’s education policies

Donald Trump, like most politicians, speaks in code when it comes to education. He is easily able to identify problems but does not offer concrete solutions or suggest policy reforms. On his education policy platform he points out that America spends more money per student than any major country, but our students perform near the […]

Deep conversations abound in ‘The End of The Tour’

It is always respectable when well-known and established actors participate in independent films for the art of it. And that was the perfect way to describe my experience seeing “The End of The Tour.” It was purely artistic. The plot followed the interviewer David Lipsky’s conversations while shadowing author David Foster Wallace on a book […]

Quickie’s misguided humor pokes fun at addiction

Theater is often used as a means of social change, offering the audience different perspectives on controversial or tough subject matter. That’s why I was incredibly shocked when one of BET’s Quickies this year seemed to capitalize on meth addiction. It’s hilarious, right? People can do funny things under the influence of methamphetamine. For example, […]

‘Little Shop of Horrors’ fails to reflect traditional black roles

The UTC Tympanium Euphorium production of “Little Shop of Horrors” premiered the same weekend as the Ford Hall 2015 sit-in began. It seemed almost ironic that a whitewashed production shared the weekend spotlight with a protest advocating for racial inclusion. Although “Little Shop” was met with rave reviews, something seemed a little off to me. […]

Brandeis Theater Company’s performance ‘Red’ enamours

What do you think of when you see the color red? Roses? The blood from a nick from a shaving accident? I think of Brandeis Theater Company’s production of “Red” by John Logan, directed by Zach Marlin ’16 as his senior thesis project. I could honestly say this was the most professional and poised production […]

“As You Like It” Bostonian theme falls short

It’s a hard task to keep people interested in a Shakespeare play in this day and age. For one, that’s because it’s nearly impossible to make Shakespeare relatable to the average audience. Hold Thy Peace director Barbara Spidle ’15 modernized “As You Like It” using a Boston theme. There is no better play to sum […]

‘The Birds and the Bees: Unabridged’ stings with unprofessionalism

Honest Accomplice’s “The Birds and The Bees: Unabridged” is a devised, touring piece performed at Brandeis on Oct. 14. Devised theater is a particularly unique concept, because it proves beneficial not only to the viewers, but also to the actors, who create the piece themselves. The opportunity to perform your own work is a rare, […]

Division III athletes deserve respect

One of the main elements we sacrifice when choosing to go to a Division III school is the excitement surrounding that huge game. However, just because Brandeis is Division III does not mean our athletes are somehow less capable than Division I athletes. In fact, Division III athletes aim for a well-rounded college experience, in […]

‘When Voices Meet’ touches upon strong themes

My mom is from South Africa and grew up during Apartheid. I’ve always asked her for personal stories about her experiences, but for some reason, she didn’t have many. So when I saw “When Voices Meet” as part of the Chicago International Social Change Film Festival, it proved educational, inspiring and deeply moving. Perhaps it […]

Cultural appropriation in ‘Peter Pan’ perpetuates stereotypes

“Peter Pan” is classic and cute, and it is easy to see it as just that. But “Peter Pan” has some dark undertones relating to the portrayal of Native Americans. Doing a show without thinking or talking to the cast and production staff about the racist implications of the show is thoughtless. Yes, we still […]