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‘I Could Write You a Novel’

I could write you a novel; I could write you a book

But would you ever take a second look

At the words that I write, at the feelings that I show

Or does the text remain written, unable to li… Read More...

Exploring outward and inner nature


It was just one of those kinds of days. The beauty around her astonished her into some kind of slumber as she tried to capture every inch of beauty before its overwhelming a… Read More...

Images from abroad: Travel writing overseas

This past summer marked my first time across the Atlantic Ocean. While people are normally afraid to travel such long distances even with friends and family, I had to do it all alone… Read More...

Fads: Friends or foes?

Although fads in literature, style, music and so on traverse across boundaries, allowing for at least one set of shared interests, these fads may or may not be viewed as homogenizi… Read More...

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