Violence against Richard Spencer threatens American values

The identity of the author of this piece is known to the edi- tors-in-chief, but is being with- held due to the author’s concern about retaliation. Recently, there appeared in these pages a column titled “Resistance and punching Richard Spencer.” It argues that it is the civic duty of leftists to commit violence against white […]

DCL wishes further harm upon students

The article “DCL wishes further harm upon students” has been taken down from this site due to the language it used and the claims it made without verifying their factuality. Additionally, we did not clarify the reason behind keeping the identity of the author anonymous. You can view our apology to DCL Director Tim Touchette […]

Flag Rearranger speaks out on their 9/11 protest

There are a number of misconceptions I’d like to clear up right off the bat. First of all, there was not a group of “unidentified people” who rearranged the flags of the 9/11 display. Neither was the act done covertly. There was one person: it was me. People stopped to ask what I was doing […]

Black History Month

Thursday night’s Black History Month Closing Ceremony in the Napoli Trophy room in Gosman was not a typical closing affair. The evening started off with a dramatic recitation from Shaina Gilbert ’11, who spoke about a dream she had about her great, great grandmother traveling north to freedom. Gilbert powerfully belted out a few lines […]