The neurological ADHD experience and its effects

Coffee doesn’t work after a cup and a half, you’re falling asleep as the clock strikes 11:30 p.m. and you’ve only finished about half a page out of seven of your essay. However, you can take some study drugs, whizz through your assignment and then go to sleep. Done. Ben Winick ’17, who has attention […]

Independent study proposal turns senior thesis

Sam Sano is a sophomore politics major. Thoughtful, well spoken, intellectually ambitious and, once you get to know him, idiosyncratically sarcastic, Sano, like many students on the Brandeis campus, was not mentally idle during the latest presidential election. During the election, and especially in its immediate aftermath, he heard gossip comparing the Trump populist movement […]

Dania Khandaker battles kidney failure

The meeting was scheduled for 4 p.m. in the Shapiro Campus Center. At first glance, Dania Khandaker, 27 and the department coordinator for the Brandeis National Committee, did not particularly stand out from the other interview subjects in the Einstein’s crowd. Once recognition gave way to introductions, she stood apart from other interviewees. Because of […]

Putting a culture to the Chinese language

Eric Goldberg ’18, a varsity tennis-playing Jewish junior from New York, embarked last fall for Shanghai, China, for a semester of study abroad. He knew that he wanted to study abroad in China, having studied Chinese since the seventh grade. His experience in Shanghai was one of exploration, education, language development and cultural discovery. The […]

Prof. Breen finds humanity in history

Professor Daniel Breen of the Legal Studies and American Studies departments is well known for his interesting and relevant courses in which he combines his undoubted excitement about the law with an impressive ability to convey the personal and societal significance of legal issues. Breen’s success in teaching is in part the result of his […]

Improving sustainability at Brandeis in the classroom

Professor Laurin Goldin (ENVS), working as the chief environmental lawyer for the Massachusetts State Department of Environmental protection, came to Brandeis University as a teaching fellow for the Intro to Law course. As a teaching fellow, she fell in love with Brandeis students and the commitment to social justice at the university, but was appalled […]

BADASS’ doors are open

We come to college to enlighten ourselves, to expand our horizons into previously unknown areas, to engage with new and dynamic ideas, to collaborate with and learn from relationships with others and to improve several important liberal arts skills such as writing and constructing arguments. If you come to college at least in part for […]

Exploring Brandeis’ labs: Spacial Orientation Lab

If you enter the left building of the Rabb Graduate Center you will be surrounded by offices where much history, philosophising and other fine humanities research occur every day. But below these historians and philosophers, down a “U”-shaped staircase and through a door you will find fascinating and interdisciplinary science laboratories at Brandeis and, likewise, […]