‘Louis-Ferdinand Céline’ illustrates the dangers of ignorance

On Monday, April 24, the Wasserman Cinematheque was filled with professors, students and other members of the community excited to attend the screening of the French film “Louis-Ferdinand Céline.” Director Emmanuel Bourdieu flew in from Paris to present the film amid a highly publicized election happening in France. The night began with an introduction of […]

New ‘Beauty and the Beast’ lives up to its legacy

It’s a tale as old as time with songs as old as rhyme, and it is officially taking over the box office. Since its release on March 17, the live-action version of “Beauty and the Beast” has become the most popular movie in the world, grossing over $720 million. It is one of many classic […]

Annual ‘Vagina Monologues’ fills every seat

We may claim to live in progressive times, but sexism is still prevalent. A white woman earns 75 cents for every dollar a white man earns; a black woman 66 cents and a Hispanic woman 54 cents. Young girls are still forced into arranged marriages and sex slavery. In an effort to empower women and […]

JSA shares culture through traditional snacks

The International Cultural Center smelled of chocolate and strawberries due to an event for the Japanese Student Association’s (JSA) celebration known as Japan Week. Wednesday, March 15 marked day three of Japan Week, also known as Snack Night. There were tons of food for those in attendance. The snacks consisted of strawberries, pineapple, apples and […]

‘Quickies’ performs a diversity of plays to a full house

Students presented their own original work at “Quickies,” Brandeis Ensemble Theater’s showcase of 10-minute plays written, produced and directed by students. The first act consisted of five plays, followed by seven more in the second act. The SCC Theater was packed on Sunday, Feb. 12, as many people came out to support their friends who […]

Box office hit ‘Split’ creeps and crawls

If you are looking for a film that will freak out and entertain you, look no further than “Split.” The story is set in Philadelphia and revolves around three friends, Casey (Anya Taylor-Joy), Claire (Haley Lu Richardson) and Marcia (Jessica Sula), with the story mainly seen through the eyes of Casey. While Casey’s friends are […]

Improv Showcase displays campus talent for midyears

With the recent political events casting a gray cloud over many, it is nice to have something to put a smile on our faces. On Saturday, Jan. 21, while most were marching in protest of the new presidency, Brandeis’ improv comedy circle provided a more upbeat atmosphere. TBA’s co-presidents, Monica Chen ’19 and Conor Amrien […]

Sketch Comedy Festival connects BK with other college comedy groups

Boris’ Kitchen elicited much laughter from audience members at their 17th Annual Sketch Comedy Festival with students from Emerson’s Jimmy’s Traveling All-Stars, Cornell’s Humor Us and Skidmore’s Sketchies, on Friday, Dec. 2. They continued the show on Saturday, Dec. 3, where they hosted Yale’s 5th Humor, Boston University’s Callbacks, Tuft’s Major: Undecided and Tuft’s TFL […]

New AAAS professor brings art background to classroom

Brandeis is an institution known for its top-notch academics. This is because Brandeis does a great job collecting the brightest minds and the most gifted professors. These professors are experts in their fields and share their knowledge with students among various disciplines. In the spring semester, Brandeis plans on adding another renown academic to its […]

Brandeis student discusses the fabric that comprises social identity

A group of students, professors and members of the community gathered in the Rose Art Museum to discuss culture, identity and creativity on Tuesday, Nov. 1. LaShawn Simmons ’18 and Brandeis artist-in-residence Jane Sapp led the discussion. Sapp is known for her gospel-inspired music. She began by talking about one’s identity and how it is […]

Brandeis students test safe space boundaries

It would not be an understatement to say that Brandeis is a politically correct institution. The social justice oriented university does a lot to make sure its students feel comfortable and that everyone respects the beliefs of others. This has been done by creating “safe spaces” and having students specify their pronouns when introducing themselves. […]

Circle Mirror Transformation confounds audiences with complex characters

Brandeis has a renowned theater department known for putting on plays and musicals of every type. Free Play Theater Cooperative’s “Circle Mirror Transformation” was no different. Annie Baker’s play was shown Friday, Oct. 14 through Sunday, Oct. 16 in the SCC theater. The play starred Amanda Ehrmann ’18 as the main protagonist Marty, Otis Fuqua […]

Prof. Weinberg’s students take their first stab at stand-up comedy writing

Some people dream of becoming comedy writers and work toward it their whole lives. For some lucky students in Prof. Marc Weinberg’s (ENG) Writing in Television course, this dream may soon become a reality. Comedians from the Boston area will perform jokes written by Brandeis students in Weinberg’s class next Tuesday, Oct. 18. These comedians […]

Prof. Cynthia Cohen solves the world’s problems with creativity

Professor Cynthia Cohen is a noteworthy intellectual, who has made major contributions to both Brandeis and the world. The current director of the Peacebuilding and the Arts program and the acting director of the Ethics Center, Cohen has also created the Creativity, the Arts and Social Transformation (CAST) minor at Brandeis. Cohen has been working […]

Brandeis alumnae strive to empower women with FanMail

If one were to watch a comic book movie, aside from action and heroic triumphs, one element that they would definitely see is the oversexualization of women. From Black Widow to Catwoman to Harley Quinn, women in comics are often appreciated more for their physical attributes than for their actual skills. However, two Brandeis alumnae […]

Sprinkles, frosting and everything nice collide at Cupcake Obsession club

While some people might like to party or go into Boston on a Friday night, most logical people can agree that the perfect way to spend an evening is by making delicious cupcakes. This is what Cupcake Obsession does. It is a club where people can come together and share their love of cupcakes, which […]

Co-founders revive German culture on campus with German club

Brandeis has over 200 clubs, ranging from archery to debate, but one that people may not be aware of is German Club. German Club is a student group dedicated to promoting awareness about German culture. The club was recently founded by seniors Kristen Foaksman and Gilberto Calderin in the fall of 2015. Foaksman and Calderin […]

UTC Mixer joins Brandeis’ most talented and witty conversation together

The SCC theater was buzzing with passionate talk about acting on Sunday night at the Undergraduate Theater Collective Mixer. Whether it was musicals or plays, everyone was willing to talk about theater and enjoy refreshments together. There were many knowledgeable Brandeisians willing to share their experience with others. First-years were also there to see what […]

Brandeis offers exciting classes to fulfill the creative arts requirement

One of the many great things about Brandeis University is the wide variety of classes that the university offers to fulfill course requirements. One may be so busy loading up on science or math courses that they may forget about fulfilling their creative arts requirement. The world we live in tends to overlook the arts […]