Disability rights activist Judy Heumann’s legacy

Earlier this month, famed disability activist Judy Heumann passed away. She was “regarded as ‘the mother’ of the disability rights movement,” according to her website, and played an instrumental role in the movement to reimagine “what it means to be disabled,” according to NPR. After contracting polio at 18 months of age, Heumann used a […]

Brandeis professor cited in article about reproductive health care for women with disabilities

Monika Mitra (HS), the Nancy Lurie Marks Associate Professor of Disability Policy and Director of the Lurie Institute for Disability Policy at the Heller School, recently spoke about reproductive healthcare for women with disabilities. In a recent Youth Today article, Mitra spoke on the barriers and difficulties women with disabilities face in accessing reproductive healthcare.  […]

Setting the record straight on cookies

Many of The Hoot’s editors have taken on the topic of Oreos in our newspaper’s opinions section. But they’re all wrong. As opinions editor, I am the only one allowed to have correct opinions and everybody else is so despicably wrong that they should be completely barred from writing for The Hoot ever again. To […]

Student Union responds to recent protests in Instagram post

In the wake of recent protests surrounding the Palestine-Israel conflict, the Student Union released an Instagram post “in light of recent events.” The Student Union added that they “appreciate and hear all student feedback, and as such, felt it necessary to make the following statement.” First, the post says that, “in light of recent events, […]

Petition to refurbish weight room garners hundreds of signatures

A petition to tell Brandeis’ administration that Brandeisians want a “new and refurbished Weight Room at Gosman” has circulated throughout the Brandeis community recently. This petition is the work of the “Weight Room Renovation Project,” which consists of Aaryuj Trehan ’24, Andrew Parisi ’24, Cyriac Joyce ’24, Darren Nguyen ’24, Isabella Doulas ’24, Jacob Mikelberg […]

Brandeis inaugurates Disability Inclusion and Equity Month

It was announced that Brandeis will be celebrating Disability Inclusion and Equity Month for the first time this March, according to an email sent to students on March 1 by Mel Ptacek, chair of the Staff-Faculty Accessibility group at Brandeis, and Lee Bitsóí, the university’s vice president of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. During the month, […]

Rose Art Museum hosts Lyle Ashton Harris’ ‘Our first and last love’

Since Feb. 9, the Rose Art Museum has hosted an exhibition of Lyle Ashton Harris’ work entitled “Our first and last love.” The title of the exhibition is referenced in one of Harris’ pieces, where a red neon sign reading “our first and last love is self love.” This Rose exhibition serves as an examination […]

Judges compete at three meets in one week

For the fourth, fifth and sixth meets of the indoor track and field season, the Judges didn’t need to go far. The men’s and women’s teams ran at the Cupid Invitational at Tufts University on Feb. 4, the Valentine’s Invitational at Boston University (BU) on Feb. 10 and the Gordon Kelly Invitational at Massachusetts Institute […]

Perspectives from Brandeis community members following Palestine-Israel protest

Following the pro-Palestine protest held by Brandeis Students for Justice in Palestine and subsequent pro-Israel counter-protest, The Brandeis Hoot spoke with various members of the Brandeis community. The Hoot conducted an online interview with Brandeis Student Union President Peyton Gillespie ’25, another online interview with Brandeis Hillel President Eitan Marks ’24 and one more online […]

A green spot in the desert

This past week, I took a trip to Arizona for research I do with the EMIGRA (Especies Migratorias y Gobernanza Respetuosa de sus Ambientes or Equitable Governance of Migratory Species and their Habitats) project. I went with several other students and Professor Charlie Chester (henceforth referred to as Charlie, as is tradition), and had an […]

Brandeis alum honored with Wingate University’s Corts Award

Wingate University Professor Magdalena Krajewska, who received her doctorate from Brandeis University in 2011, was recently named the winner of the Charles And Hazel Corts Award For Excellence In Teaching. Wingate University gives this award to a “faculty member who has been a member of the faculty for a minimum of five consecutive years and […]

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot

It’s a new semester, my fourth, and I am once again feeling simultaneously overwhelmed and excited. The start of every semester brings the same thoughts to my mind: Am I doing enough? Am I doing too much? Is there a right amount of things to do? Who decides that? Will I be able to stomach […]

BLU protests marine recruiter coming to Brandeis

On Jan 25, recruiters from the Marine Corps Officer Selection Program came to Brandeis. According to an email received by students on Jan 23, this program is “a no-obligation, paid summer training program targeted at developing your leadership, confidence, and will-power, all while giving you the option of employment as a Marine Officer after your […]

Men’s basketball wins against Rochester

In a game against the Rochester Yellowjackets on Jan. 20, the Brandeis men’s basketball team won 83-72.   Beginning the game in an eight-point deficit, the Judges fought back and wound up scoring 18 points over about five minutes. Toby Harris ’25 led the team on their scoring run with 10 of the Judges’ 18 […]

Another introduction to the YOCA column

Welcome back to campus, Brandeis. As some of you may know, last semester The Brandeis Hoot launched a weekly column in its opinions section: The Year of Climate Action column. This climate-focused column serves as a proud spire for students to voice their opinions on anything climate-related, and a place to showcase people who work […]

An astronomically important satellite

Just a few days ago, on Jan. 9 2023, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Earth Radiation Budget Satellite (ERBS) returned to earth. This satellite, which was launched in 1984, was meant to orbit the planet for just two years and measure how Earth “absorbed and radiated energy from the Sun,” while making measurements […]

Brandeis sends updates to students as spring semester begins

On Jan. 12, Interim Vice President of Student Affairs Andrea Dine sent an email to Brandeis students welcoming them to campus and updating students on several important changes taking place as the semester’s start nears.   First, Dine announced that the Boston-Cambridge shuttle service will resume in February. The shuttle will run from Fridays to […]

SU hosts ‘State of the Union’

On Dec. 8, the Student Union hosted their State of the Union address, an event which gives members of the union an opportunity to update Brandeis’ community on the union’s activities and accomplishments from the year. Key points included introduction of the Director of Accessibility and Director of Sexual Assault Awareness positions to the union, […]

Is Magic: The Gathering a failing brand?

“Magic: The Gathering” is one of the most popular games in the world. With over 40 million players and a card library that has surpassed 23,000, “Magic” is loved by fans everywhere. I started really playing “Magic” in the summer of 2022, when I was gifted a preconstructed Commander deck by a friend. Since then, […]

Transportation updates following Boston/Cambridge shuttle accident

Brandeis administration is currently in the process of determining future transportation service options for students. These decisions are being informed by a transportation study from early in the summer as well as the ongoing investigation of the Boston/Cambridge shuttle crash.  Interim Vice President of Student Affairs Andrea Dine announced via email that the Boston/Cambridge shuttle […]