Continue efforts to revise mandatory system

Back in April, we wrote about the issues with the policy change that mandates all students to pay for a meal plan. In the past, on-campus students could opt out of the meal plan if their housing came with a kitchen. Now, unfortunately, upperclassmen—in addition to sophomores who live in the Charles River apartments or […]

Bannon has revealing interview with Brandeis professor

An unsurprising wave of white-nationalism and neo-Nazism has swept the country, euphemistically covered under the alt-right banner. No one following the rhetoric of Donald Trump prior to his election should be surprised. There is understandable uproar as the highest office in the land is occupied by a self-admitted racist, drawing false equivalencies between hate groups […]

Sodexo, but not your way

Brandeisians believe in “truth even unto its innermost parts,” so let’s talk honestly about the food. Brandeis’ meals are catered and controlled entirely through outsourcing to Sodexo—a company that cares more about its bottom line than the means of profit. With some notable exceptions, college campuses are not known for their exquisite dining, nor did […]

Republican health to cover all

The new Republican health care plan will make sure all Americans are covered—unfortunately for many, that will be beneath enormous medical debt, and for still others it will be beneath six feet of soil. Trump was content to promise his voters the world before the realities of office set in. He boasted that “no one […]

Only following orders

The party in power has taken no interest in protecting democracy, not that this is remotely surprising given the context of the partisan status quo. Republicans have backed their own interests in the race and stacked the deck further in their favor precisely because they can, just as a majority of Democrats would. All they […]

The news you want to hear

The eyes of the world are upon Trump, and everyone condemns his actions—opposition is fierce among experts and the populace alike. Well, that is what the news would have you believe. If you are reading this article you are likely a liberal-leaning and politically motivated individual. I say this without much doubt due to the […]

GOP legislators hate Obamacare because they hate Obama

This year’s election is a repudiation of the liberal ideology. The recently retired president has become the incarnation of socialism and despotism in the minds of many voters. As the vision of all that is evil, Obama’s legacy is under attack for its namesake. The Affordable Care Act is a monumental piece of legislation that […]

Why you should not protest Trump

A reactionary, leftist movement has arisen in response to the election of Trump, and rioting has ensued as protest. This election response from the public is not unprecedented, as many disillusioned voters took to the streets in the wake of Obama’s victory eight years ago. As a democratic right, political demonstrations show discontent with the […]

Dewey defeats Truman

We will not go gentle into the night—because we will be dragged there screaming by an orange Oompa-Loompa and his congressional henchmen. To the chagrin of the pundits and pollsters, anything is possible. When it came to predicting the president, maybe we would have been better off listening to the maniac on the street corner […]

The free speech double standard

Cartoon by Julianna Scionti. Social politics is an ever-swinging pendulum—the more it rises on the left side, the greater its tendency to be pulled back by the right. We are currently experiencing a feed-forward polarization of political thought, but for many ill-found reasons. One flaw of intellectual discourse today is the predilection to conflate personal […]

An open letter to former Trump voters

This election has recently evoked the Flight 93 allegory: We are on the hijacked plane destined for the capital building. We can storm the cockpit and still probably die, or sit back and await our fiery deaths. If we accept the premise that Clinton is evil-incarnate and the destroyer of American sovereignty, and we accept […]

What can my country do for me?

Things that are certain: death, taxes and now thanks to a government near you, lawsuits. It seems a litigious society with an ever-expanding appetite for court may have opened Pandora’s box. The recent Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) now passed provides legal recourse to sue sovereign governments for acts of terrorism committed, upending […]

To vote or not to vote?

This election cycle has brought about a wave of political vitriol and polarization; jingoism and nativism confront the corrupt status quo. In the wake of this political mess, many well-meaning students have absolved themselves of the issue entirely, having not found a cause with either of the nominees. Discussion on a liberal college campus seems […]