Spend money now, save money (and ourselves) later

It will save both money and lives to act swiftly and boldly against climate change. And yet, even elected officials who acknowledge the overwhelming scientific evidence that climate change is real and caused by human activity are refusing to support necessary policies.  Even setting aside the intrinsic value of a healthy planet, quality of life […]

Stop telling Southerners they deserve to die

Liberals and leftists are too quick to dismiss the South—to write it off as a hopeless wasteland. Northeasterners love to joke that the South should just secede again, or even worse, suggest that they deserve their high COVID-19 rates or any other form of consequence because of their political leadership. These attitudes are cruel and […]

On #ElectHer: The progress of women in politics

On March 15, the Department of Politics and the Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program will host Brandeis’s first #ElectHer Conference, where female-identifying students will be trained on how to run for student government or political office. This event illuminates the importance of elevating women in politics and will extend support to the women surrounding […]