BEMCo during COVID-19

Since the end of physical classes on March 13, campus services have exponentially decreased, and student workers have mostly left campus. The Brandeis Emergency Medical Corps (BEMCo), however, is still in service, maintaining round-the-clock care for students on campus even after most have gone home. The decision to keep BEMCo on campus was made primarily […]

Don’t lose hope

We all know why the seniors are writing their traditional opinions articles now instead of in two months. We all know why the fact that this is happening now is especially unfortunate for Brandeis University seniors. We all know that it sucks for everyone who had an event canceled that they worked their butts off […]

Running the Brandeis University Press

Not many students at Brandeis University are aware that Brandeis has its own press, but in fact Brandeis University Press (BUP) has existed for over 40 years. Until January of last year, however, BUP was published under the umbrella of the University Press of New England (UPNE), a once-large consortium serving various New England schools […]

Equality for Gosman-goers

Here at Brandeis, we have 21 club sports teams and 30 intramural sports teams, as well as various other recreational teams that are not under either organization’s umbrella, such as Brandeis Football Club (soccer) and Brandeis Tennis Club. In contrast to over 50 non-varsity sports teams, Brandeis boasts only 17 varsity teams. It’s fair to […]

Administrators hold listening sessions following release of Campus Climate Survey

Coordinators for Brandeis’ various inclusion and equity organizations held listening sessions on Friday, Nov. 15 and Sunday, Nov. 17 to answer questions and hear concerns from students following the release of the Campus Climate Survey on Thursday, Nov. 14. Although the events were meant for the entire student body, no students on Friday were there […]

Hozier hosts transcendence

Last week I stood in Boston’s Boch Center Wang Theatre and listened to Hozier serenade me with his new album. His voice in person only solidified his unbelievable musical talent in my mind. Although I wasn’t surprised at how well he performed in concert compared to his recordings, I was still hit with a feeling […]

RFP collects community feedback

The Request for Proposals (RFP) is developing and gathering community input as a part of the first two stages of the dining vendor selection process. Unionized employees will retain their jobs, and it is unclear if other hourly workers will keep their jobs as well, according to Ted Mayer, project lead consultant and president of […]

Doing nothing: it’s okay

As I started classes this semester, I listened to every person in every class list their majors and minors, each person reciting a longer and longer list. At Brandeis we joke about everyone having more than one major, about the overachievers and the never-had-a-moment-to-breathers. And sitting in class as a first-semester senior listening to upperclassmen […]

Resilience Fair provides resources for students

The Shapiro Campus Center (SCC) atrium was transformed on Tuesday, Sept. 24 as the Resilience Fair set up shop, luring students to the event with Lizzy’s Ice Cream and booths peppered with candy and stickers. Lizzy’s donated ice cream for the event free of charge, and volunteers from the Department of Community Service helped dole […]

A life-long orgo prof. in the making

Although Professor Kristen Mascall (CHEM) is in her sixth year at Brandeis University, she still has a campus map clipped to one of the drawers in her office, maybe because most of her time is spent within the labyrinthine halls of the Shapiro Science Center (SSC). Her office is tucked away in a hidden corner […]

Women’s Studies Research Center engages with campus community

Behind the Ziv Quad dormitories and across from the train station is the Women’s Studies Research Center (WSRC), housed in the Epstein Building. Professor Karen Hansen (SOC/WGS), the director of the WSRC, is in charge of the 15-year-old research center and its many events and projects. In 1989, Hansen accepted a job at Brandeis, a […]

Film screening sheds light on deaf culture

After the screen faded to black and the lights were raised, the organizers of the Brandeis American Sign Language (ASL) Club’s ’DEIS Impact event lined up three panelists in a neat row at the front of the room. Three interpreters were placed strategically, two facing the panelists and one facing the audience. They wore black, […]