Period Activists at ‘Deis continue their work

Following a name change, Period Activists at ‘Deis (PAD) continue their work on menstrual education and equality.   The name change was caused by recent controversy with the club’s parent organization, PERIOD. “We were originally a chapter of the national nonprofit PERIOD which chapters on a bunch of campuses,” PAD president Cassady Adams ’22 told The […]

The intersection of gender-based violence and art

As part of a new Creativity, the Arts and Social Transformation (CAST) course, students will have the opportunity to “dive into historical and cultural contexts while exploring gender-based violence as a grave violation of human rights,” according to the course description. As part of the CAST program, the course heavily engages with the arts as […]

BTW peer educators are here to help

Bridge to Wellness (BTW) peer educators are a group of student peer health educators who exist as a resource to promote healthy lifestyle habits and general wellness to all Brandeis students, Nathalie Vieux-Gresham ’23, a BTW peer educator, and director of Health Promotion and Wellness Initiatives Leah Berkenwald ’07 wrote to The Brandeis Hoot in […]

Brandeis 6TALK: mental health support that’s only one call away

College can be a stressful time for students who need to juggle rigorous academics, family expectations, social life, finances, etc. In the midst of all these stressors, it can be (and often is) difficult to take care of, and prioritize, one’s mental health. During the years students spend obtaining an undergraduate or graduate degree, a […]