Rhum Barbancourt four year

When I asked my manager Dan about rum, he told me that the Caribbean, and rum by extension, was the Wild West of the liquor world (compare this to France, which is its polar opposite. More on this later). Most of the countries in the Caribbean tend to have pretty lax regulations on what “rum” […]

No Mom, I don’t have a drinking problem: Mellow Corn corn whiskey

Author’s note: I get my information by constantly asking my managers at Gordon’s questions while I’m stocking shelves, making pull lists or counting my drawer. I don’t know where they get their information and I don’t particularly care. They have certifications and adult responsibilities and if I trust them as experts in their fields, you […]

No mom, I don’t have a drinking problem: St. George Absinthe Verte

In the spirit of Halloween (pun intended), it feels only appropriate to dedicate this next review to the Goths, by drinking the most Goth beverage in existence: absinthe.  Before we get into the review, it’s vital to cover some basics about absinthe, which I will do in the form of a “frequently asked questions” section: […]

No Mom, I don’t have a drinking problem: Introduction and Terra Gin

Hello there! My name is Harper Pollio-Barbee ’21. I am a 21-year-old, that, like many other 21-year-olds (and absolutely nobody younger than 21) likes to occasionally drink in a safe and responsible manner. (I get hungover from one drink. These things happen.) Why me? What makes me, a 21-year-old like any other, qualified to write […]