Help the Brandeis community by joining the Student Union

Several days ago, I received a note via email from a member of our community. The subject line was “Riverside shuttle…thanks,” and the email stated the following: “As one of the fall riders, thanks very much for helping get the Riverside shuttle back into action: it’s been an expensive spring of using Lyft and Uber […]

Make Brandeis the school you want it to be, join the Union

Why is it that so much of how Brandeis engages in “usual business” seems normal and good, while so much of it seems so strange and wasteful? Throughout the day, I am struck repeatedly by ways in which the university could fix any number of minor and sometimes major inconveniences and adjust its procedures to […]

A tale of two Americas

Out of many, we are one. After November 8, regardless of the results, it is together as one nation that we will have to proceed. We are stronger that way. In the wake of the presidential debate on September 26, however, it was clear that only one of the two major candidates understood that truth […]

Brandeis Dining: not perfect, but progress made

When the changes to Brandeis Dining were announced this past summer, I was admittedly skeptical of any positive effects they might have. Fortunately, sometimes in life we receive reminders to not always jump to conclusions. While not perfect, I believe that there has been some solid progress made in the quality and availability of food […]

QUESTION: What Makes This Presidential Election So Significant?

Every four years, each candidate running for President will say, “This election is the most important in [insert a very long length of time].” The candidates’ supporters will get fired up, and critical dialogue on the path that our country should chart for its future takes place in the public arena. This election, however, is […]

Don’t boo; vote.

“Don’t boo; vote.” It was with those words that President Obama delivered the most electrifying words of his 2016 Democratic National Convention speech. Electrifying for a simple reason: because while small and amusing, those three words carry our destiny. Full disclaimer: I am a Democrat. I am the president of the Brandeis Democrats, I have […]

Student Events brings life, energy to campus

Brandeis Student Events is, according to their website, “a volunteer student organization that supports the mission of Brandeis University by providing cultural, educational, recreational and social programs designed for the entire Brandeis community.” Student Events recently hosted Stressbusters, Springfest and Bronstein Weekend, during which fun events are held and students are encouraged to celebrate “life, […]

Geir Haarde ’73 serves as Icelandic Ambassador, former Prime Minister

In its relatively short history, Brandeis has had an incredible number of prestigious alumni in numerous fields, ranging from performing arts, academia, government, physics, business, journalism, sports, mathematics and many more. Geir Haarde ’73 is one of these notable alums. His claim to fame? Haarde was the Prime Minister of Iceland from 2006 to 2009, […]

The Lumineers ‘Cleopatra’ glints in the distant wake of first album

I’m an unabashed fan of The Lumineers. I came upon their namesake first album at the height of its popularity, and listened the hell out of the sing-song “Ho Hey.” I only later appreciated and embraced the rhythmic callings of “Dead Sea,” the common identity begging to be found in “Stubborn Love” and the upbeat […]

Introduction to the board of trustees

The Brandeis University Board of Trustees is, according to the university’s website, “comprised of up to 50 elected members” and is the “final authority on all aspects of the university’s operations.” The board has a number of specific functions that are carried out by a number of the committees, which include: “Academic Affairs; Audit; Budget […]

Honesty, working for others defines Brandeis spirit

The first time I visited Brandeis, I came away with the sense that I couldn’t possibly end up coming here. The architecture was ugly. 1960s era architecture mixed with early 2000s, and everything in between? Brandeis looked like its buildings were pulled out of a grab bag. The student offerings didn’t stick out as exceptional. […]

Working behind the scenes, Brandeis techies integral to theater

“Techies” is an ubiquitous term in theater that many use to describe the team of people who run shows behind the scenes. These individuals lend to the performance and actors many of the tools necessary for creating a thespian spectacle for viewers to enjoy. Tres Fimmano ’18, Sara Kenney ’18 and Zak Kolar ’18 all […]

Ex-lobbyist Jack Abramoff discusses Brandeis, career and government scandal

Jack Abramoff ’81 is no stranger to controversy, having worked as one of the biggest lobbyists in Washington, D.C. for years before being brought down in a wide-ranging corruption scandal that shook the American political system in the late 1990s and early 2000s. As a result of this scandal, Abramoff pleaded guilty to mail fraud, […]

Guy Raz ’96 reflects on career, Brandeis and NPR

Guy Raz—does that name sound familiar? If one listens to NPR, he can be recognized as the host and editorial director of TED Radio Hour. The TED Radio Hour is a program based on the ubiquitous TED conferences, summits that host and then digitally distribute often captivating presentations focused on “Ideas worth spreading.” At NPR, […]