HEAR: Heal. Empower. Advocate. Rise

Heal, empower, advocate, rise (HEAR), founded in 2021 by Lauren Rifas ’23 and Mckenna Walsh ’23, is a peer support group for sexual violence and relationship abuse. In an interview with The Brandeis Hoot, Walsh said that the main goal of the group was to “make students feel heard,” and provide a safe space for […]

Cities as canvases: Art by Amelie

Amelie de Cirfontaine ’18 is a mural and street artist currently based in both San Francisco and New York. Even though Amelie always considered herself an artist, she initially did not see it as a potential career. Amelie graduated from Brandeis in 2018 with a major in not only art, but business and international studies. […]

Extra! Extra! TikTok all about it!

David Jorgenson, better known as “the Washington Post TikTok guy,” now has a total of one million followers and 44 million likes. The 143-year-old newspaper joined TikTok in 2019, aiming to combine important news and comedy in short video clips for the broad audience of this social media platform. In a conversation with the Brandeis […]

Elias Rosenfeld, DACA recipient, Immigration advocate and Brandeis Alum

Elias Rosenfeld ’20 immigrated to the United States from Caracas, Venezuela at the age of six. According to Rosenfeld, his mother decided to make this move due to the rise in antisemitism in Caracas. “Members of the synagogues were being kidnapped leaving bar mitzvahs or weddings, and swastikas were being drawn on cinema doors,” said […]

Shape-shifting cells and evolution: Bisson’s journey with archaeal research

Alexandre Bisson (BIOL) and his team are currently researching how evolution has shaped the behavior of molecules within cells through the use of archaea, a domain of single-celled organisms. Bisson gained an interest in this topic while completing his Ph.D. in Brazil at the University of São Paulo, where his research primarily involved isolating proteins […]