Snow poses difficulties to campus infrastructure

While no campus in New England has managed to avoid this winter’s below average temperatures and blizzard conditions, it seems that Brandeis’ grounds have experienced an excessively hefty toll from the accumulation of snow. As the last of the snow melts, it is hard to imagine that there were over 100 inches of snow this […]

Clubs bastions of student individuality

When I ask high school friends about their weekends at college, I usually hear tales of sporting events, partying and Greek life. In contrast, when I then talk about my weekends at college, I tell my friends about the cultural events, performances and activism I have attended or been a part of. One of Brandeis’ […]

Unofficial roads pose unofficial danger

Driving problems are not new on our campus. Last year, Maryanne Cai ’16 addressed the issue of campus safety in her opinion article “Drivers must be more conscientious on Loop Road,” published in The Brandeis Hoot. Before that comes a long line of earlier complaints or warnings. All these writings make it clear how problematic […]

Maximizing efficiency, minimizing employee dignity

On Nov. 21, 1910, Louis Brandeis popularized a revolutionary economic theory called scientific management. This theory argued for businesses to focus on raising their efficiency to lower their production costs and in turn increase their total revenue. Scientific management has been hallowed by many economists and business leaders and has been applied to almost every […]