PERIOD: Starting the Conversation

There is no question that there is a stigma surrounding the discussion of periods. This is the reason that Linzy Rosen ’22 began a chapter of PERIOD, a global organization, at Brandeis in spring 2019.  Now the president of PERIOD at Brandeis, Rosen started the club in order to spur conversation about menstrual equity that […]

Pirates, mystics, scholars and more

When focusing on a time period in history, scholars usually focus on the big names and events. While those things are obviously important, it is also important to document and understand the lives of people scholars do not typically focus on. This was the reason that the assistant professor of classical Islam at Brandeis, Professor […]

Call you when the album’s over

Imagine sitting in a dark, cold room, surrounded by all your deepest fears and darkest thoughts. Now imagine those things set to heavy bass and feathery vocals, and you have Billie Eilish’s debut album, “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?” (“WWAFAWDWG”). Eilish and her older brother Finneas O’Connell, who produces their music […]

Premedical post-baccalaurate program helps students join healthcare field

It is not unheard of for Brandeis students to change their majors throughout their undergraduate careers. Some students begin their first years intending to pursue a pre-med track, but at some point in their college career, they change their mind and work toward other goals. For any student who pursued an interest other than healthcare […]

Innovative legal studies class teaches appreciation of diverse legal systems

Every year, Brandeis introduces a multitude of new, innovative classes. For those who are looking for a unique class next semester within the legal studies department, “Native American Tribal Legal Studies” could be a class worth looking into. Anyone who enrolls in this class can be sure that they will be taught by a seasoned […]

Skyline residence hall features thematic art

James Gray, vice president for campus operations, wrote to The Brandeis Hoot that he oversaw “the design and construction” of Skyline, which is how he got involved with picking out the two main art pieces within the residence hall. Multiple other people were involved, including Luis Croquer, the Henry and Lois Foster Director of the […]

Kindness Day brings happiness and joy to campus

Everyone could use a little bit of kindness in their life. Thus, the faculty and students of the sociology department created Kindness Day at Brandeis. Now, with loads of students and faculty behind them, co-coordinators Miriam Krugman ’20 and Michaela Cabral ’19 are taking this well-liked event to the next level. Krugman is majoring in […]

Make it up yourself: an improv course

To those who have never danced before, sometimes the most daunting part of dance is memorizing three minutes or more of complicated moves. For those looking to dance in a more relaxed environment, Sarah Lavin ’21 provides a nurturing, stress-free space for anyone to dance, regardless of skill level. Lavin is in the process of […]

Inside the mind of an artist: Alfredo Gisholt

Alfredo Gisholt, assistant professor of Fine Arts at Brandeis, spoke to The Brandeis Hoot about the thought process that occurs behind his art. Last semester, Gisholt took his sabbatical. According to him, Brandeis allows professors to go on sabbatical every seven years for “personal development.” In Gisholt’s case, this meant working full-time in his studio […]

We The Jury app encourages sports attendance

Although Brandeis school spirit may seem lacking to some, the issue could be due to the fact that most students do not know when sports games are occurring, or they are too busy to search for sports events to attend. In hopes of changing this, the athletics department has set up a new rewards system […]

Brandeis Sustainability Ambassadors act as student resource

While Brandeis places a major focus on social justice, it is often forgotten by many that environmental justice is a very real issue students are involved in on campus. The Brandeis Sustainability Ambassadors (BSAs) hope to shed light on this, as well as serve as people to turn to for help in becoming more sustainable […]