Studying abroad through small moments

The study abroad fair has come and gone for this fall, and in its wake, has left most prospective students with a stack of pamphlets, a list of websites and—though presumably not in the cases of a lucky few—a lack of direction. Perhaps it is common knowledge, but it seems to be a rarely stated […]

UWS necessary, but imperfect

As the time to choose classes approaches, the topic of the dreaded, first-year required, UWS is becoming at least semi-relevant again. Despite—or perhaps because of—the complaining, annoyance and general disdain expressed by most about the program, I have decided to offer a slightly different perspective. If only for the sake of playing devil’s advocate, I […]

Work-study system unfair to students

The Brandeis information page regarding work study makes it abundantly clear that an on-campus job is not guaranteed. These statements are phrased to present obtaining a job as something that a student need only show initiative and effort for. It paints students into two categories: those who deserve a job by merit and those who […]

Students should acknowledge privileged position

This is an issue I take rather personally. I have never had anyone noticeably look down on me, though I am quiet about my economic position altogether. I consider myself to be middle class—my home back in Oregon is a nice, country property that has its price offset by being located acutely in the middle […]

Help is always appreciated

A girl knocked on my door one odd Sunday after a night where very few in my building chose to stay in. She seemed a bit distressed that I was not the person she was looking for, and stumbled a bit over her statements, but ultimately she managed to do what she came to do: […]