SJP across the nation: What’s after Brandeis?

On Nov. 6, the University officially released a decision to derecognize the Brandeis chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP). University President Ron Liebowitz made the announcement in his letter that “this decision was made because SJP openly supports Hamas, which the United States has designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization, and its call […]

Spooky Spingold: Brandeis’ own haunted house

Fancy a spooky Halloween, but not a party animal? Looking to go to a haunted house, but do not want to go off campus? The Spingold Theater could be your best place to go during Halloweekend! Last Saturday, Brandeis’ own Theater Arts department held their annual Spooky Spingold event, by which the UDRs turned the […]

Jenny’s ski resorts review

It is November, the temperature is dropping and snow is falling soon. This means winter is around the corner and it is almost time to ski! As an avid snowboarder who has been actively riding for three years, I have been to a lot of major ski resorts in the country, primarily on the East […]

75 years of connections: an interview with Jon Schlesinger, director of Hiatt

The 75th Anniversary celebrations were a great success last weekend. In three days, a plethora of activities were held around campus, featuring current students, parents and alumni, with multiple divisions involved in the planning. The Brandeis Hoot is doing a series of interviews with different departments and planning teams for the 75th Anniversary weekend. Today, […]

A history of Brandeis: 75 years of glory

In 1948, Brandeis University was founded by the American Jewish community as the Jewish people and other ethnic and racial minorities were facing discrimination in higher education. Named after Louis Dembitz Brandeis, the first Jewish Justice on the Supreme Court, Brandeis was established on the site of the former Middlesex University in Waltham, Massachusetts. As […]

Brandeis Hellenic Student Association is the new Greek life on campus

When you think of Greece, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? The rich cultural heritage of the Acropolis of Athens? The various islands for a perfect summer vacation? The origin of Western philosophy and mythology? If you are interested in any of those aspects or even beyond, you should learn more […]

Brandeis in the eyes of the upperclassmen

Two weeks ago, The Hoot interviewed a group of students from the class of 2027, who shared their perspectives of Brandeis so far and expressed their expectation of their upcoming college life. Shifting gears from the first-years, The Hoot reached out to some upperclassmen and asked about how they view Brandeis differently compared to before, […]

Behind Brandeis’ significant drop in 2024 U.S. News Rankings

On Sunday, Sep. 17, 2023, the U.S. News and World Report released the new 2024 Best Colleges ranking. It was a significant shock to the Brandeis community, as Brandeis University dropped 16 spots, from #44 on the list down to #60 on the list of Best National University Rankings.  Brandeis reached its historical highest ranking […]

Brandeis in the eyes of the freshmen

Happy second week of school! Returning students, hope you are all thriving or surviving; new students, hope you have already got a sense of how Brandeis is like. What does the class of 2027 think of Brandeis? What can we or the school do to give them a better once-in-a-lifetime college experience? Walking around the […]

Being a corporate intern as a Brandeisian

Hello from Jenny, a senior at Brandeis who just finished her summer internship. As a marketing intern at a corporation in a New York City office, I truly felt like I was coming from another dimension the first day I met my intern cohort—as the background I’m coming from is so different from everyone else. […]

What does playing a sport at a D3 school feel like?

If you have ever watched any trending Netflix shows about American college life it may not be new to you how big sports can be in a person’s college life. In these shows, there is always a football player who never shows up to class and never studies for his exams. Then there’s that kid […]

The art of ghosting

“Hey, how’s your week going?” “Do you want to go get brunch this weekend?” The two texts above were sent three days ago, but they were always on “read” and you never received anything back from the other side. You remembered it was a great date that you had been on, but the person just […]

The newest trending fitness on campus could be pole dancing

What is your first impression when you hear the phrase “pole dancing?” No matter if you chuckle or start to get excited, do not get overwhelmed by it. Pole dancing is a full-body fitness that requires the participant’s overall strength and flexibility. Parker Skutt ’25 and Sarah Shiffman ’25 are thinking about bringing this seemingly […]

The curation behind the Peter Sacks exhibition at the Rose Art Museum

The Rose Art Museum is one of the hidden gems on campus. Founded in 1961, it has attracted visitors all over the campus and from the greater Boston area for more than 50 years with free admission. This August, the Rose newly installed the exhibition “Peter Sacks: Resistance,” which is a series of portraits by […]

The hardest jump in history was landed at Skate America

The 2022-2023 figure skating season officially began last weekend with Skate America which took place in Norwood, Massachusetts, as the first station in the Grand Prix of Figure Skating.  As the season right after the Winter Olympics, this season did not seem interesting to figure skating fans: the greatest-of-all-time Yuzuru Hanyu (Japan) announced his retirement […]

Why do so many Asians hate cinnamon?

You know it’s that time of the year when the fall weather turns cold. No matter if it is a drink or a home supply, or if you walk into a Starbucks or Bath & Body Works, you will definitely notice a seasonal limited edition flavor: pumpkin spice.  I was fooled by the warm orange […]

Why are Americans so obsessed with boba?

I went to a Mid-Autumn Festival event that was hosted by some Asian cultural clubs this semester. Their flyers were all around campus, saying there would be games, moon cakes and boba provided. I came in 15 minutes after the event started, and I realized the boba was already gone. Most people who came did […]

The future of journalism: Interview with Prof. Adriana Lacy

This is Professor Adriana Lacy’s first semester teaching in the journalism program at Brandeis. Besides teaching at Brandeis, she is also the Digital and Audience Engagement Editor for Harvard University’s Nieman Foundation. Before coming to Brandeis, she worked for the New York Times, Axios and the Los Angeles Times, and taught at the Annenberg School […]

Secrets revealed behind Brandeis Chungles, the unofficial univ. meme account

@brandeis.chungles has been the go-to meme account for hundreds of Brandesians. As an anonymous meme account that posts Brandeis-specific jokes, it has gained 553 followers with 70 posts at the time of publication. To reveal the secrets behind the daily memes, The Brandeis Hoot spoke with Brandeis Chungles in an exclusive interview.   Why did […]