Interviews with Brandeis University’s academic leadership: The English department

Studying English and having good writing ability is the essential foundation for a well-rounded liberal arts education. Professor John Burt is the chair of the English department with an expertise on American literature. In his eyes, poetry and literature have gone beyond words and texts by having deeper implications that connect minds of the readers […]

What can you do if Brandeis does not provide the major you want to take?

Do you know that students can create their own majors at Brandeis with their own courses planned out? If you have never heard of it, this article will help you have a better understanding. The Brandeis Hoot had the opportunity to speak with Sara Goldstein ’23, an Undergraduate Departmental Representative (UDR) of the Independent Interdisciplinary […]

Interviews with Brandeis University’s academic leadership: The music department

The Brandeis Hoot invited Professor Erin Gee, the chair of the music department at Brandeis and also a composer, and Katie Ball ’22, the program administrator of the music department as well as an alumna, to join an interview. Gee and Ball gave an introduction about the three tracks for the music major, the upcoming […]

Interviews with Brandeis University’s academic leadership: the HSSP Program

The chair of Brandeis University’s Health: Science, Society, and Policy (HSSP) program, Professor Darren Zinner, sat down for an interview with The Brandeis Hoot to shed a little light on the program, its future and himself. This interview is part of a series of interviews with the chairs of a plethora of different academic departments […]